You wake up...

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and find Saurfang eating your bed sheets

what do you do?
I call the Dark Rangers.
Well for one, no matter what, I'm buying new bed sheets.
1) Shoot him
2) Buy new sheets
Call anduin to arrest him again.
Oh no! I haven't washed those in like a month!
Look at him and say "THERE IS NO HONOR IN THIS".
Wait to see if he gets the whole set down before telling him exactly what I do on that bed.
Well... He must know something I don't know so I will also start eating my bed sheets.
Cook him.
I yell and swear due to his indecently exposing me.
Lok'tar that ogar.
I'll kill the traitor. (or he'll kills me)
10/10/2018 05:02 PMPosted by Demonpowers
Lok'tar that ogar.

You must have only the lok'tar ogar part of lok'tar ogar and chill.

10/10/2018 05:04 PMPosted by Krenindor
I'll kill the traitor. (or he'll kills me)

Wait, no! Suicide isn't the answer!
LFM Saurfang (He ate my bed sheets)
Just lay there-- he's about to get an eye full of Naked space goat.
And you let him out to do this?
Didn’t know he folded that way.
Lose a Mak'gora.
I don't keep bed sheets in my coffin.

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