367 BM hunter looking for a fun and friendly raiding guild who also love M+.

Currently 7/8 H.

Have been playing MM since WoD, only moved to BM since BfA. Raiding experience since WotLK, took some time off through MoP, but have been in a semi-hardcore, close-knit, progression-driven raiding guild since.

Great with mechanics. Take one-on-one feedback well. Always come with food, flasks, runes, potions. Prog does not frustrate me. Always keen for M+.

Interested in hitting up M as soon as possible.

Pref raid times -
Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday
8:00p - 11:30p SVT (7:00p - 10:30p Qld time. FU daylight savings).

Hit me up on bnet if you want to have a chat.

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