[H] Lucidity

Hey All,

Lucidity is a new and upcoming guild that would love to continue heroic progression. The goal is to provide an enjoyable experience raiding.
We're going to try keep the guild smaller than most to gurantee the friendly and positive atmosphere on both the guild and on discord.
Even though this advertisement is for raiders we would love to have casual members to join for mythic +'s and general banter :).

The current members are extremely active and friendly, and very keen to expand our community and get a full raiding roster as soon as possible.

We are currently after a couple range dps, an extra healer and a melee dps with a tank off spec.

Raid Schedule:
Core Nights:
Wednesday, Thursday,
8:00pm - 11:00pm - Server Time - AEST(GMT +10)

We are currently looking for all roles apart from tank.
Discord -- https://discord.gg/HpJSzqK
GM -- Intended#1234
Officers -- Owlerrific#1951, TimERTy#1687
Still looking folks. Really keen on jumping into it next week! Would love to have people for general mythic +'s as well.
Updated what we need.
Very good guild

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