Why do all girls play on ED?

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10/14/2018 06:43 PMPosted by Chanel
Darling, men don't like ED and there are no magic blue pills in wow
10/14/2018 06:28 PMPosted by Mackeltar
10/14/2018 06:26 PMPosted by Muiria
what is ED??
Presumably in the context of this conversation, the OP refers to the realm Emerald Dream.

ah ok now thread makes sense
Never played on ED. I play on Malfurion for the most part.
Because all the men here on ED have ED so they don’t need to worry about us making moves on them.
Well since they deleted PVP servers, there's no point making a toon on that server anymore, as now it's nothing different.
10/14/2018 06:47 PMPosted by Stellan
10/14/2018 06:06 PMPosted by Dfat
Real question, 90% of the strangers I talked to in ED are girls, and I don't mean 1 or 2 I legit mean 20+ people Like you girls think because it's rp realm so all the nice men are there?

Unacceptable, I'm boosting a toon tonight on ED. Nothing gonna stop me.
OK let me get this straight. In WOW men are "men" while women are "girls". Got it.

Yes. Feel the crushing weight of the patriarchy in his choice of socially acceptable word for female while using a different one for male in the same sentence.

You dork.
All girls? Am I a guy in the wrong body? You paying my shrink now.
Real question, 90% of the strangers I talked to in ED are girls...


90 of the strangers, you supposedly talked to, SAY they are girls.
This sounds like a ploy to get boys to make toons on Emerald Dream, leaving the girls who are on other servers vulnerable to be swooped down upon.

I'm on to your game.
I got really excited to have a whole server full of fellow ladies to play with, but alas, OP is just a troll.

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