377/378 Arms Warrior LF Mythic Prog Guild.

Greetings! We are <Floor Tanks> and we moved to Illidan back in April. Upon coming to the server we pushed 7/11M between April-August. We are currently looking to build upon our current existing roster moving forward into BFA! We are a guild consisting of no children. The ages in the raiding core are between 23-45. We like to have fun while pushing progression, but also know when it's crunch time and time perform. We are always accepting inquiries from all roles, but do have a few specific ones we are seeking at this time. Our primary goal in BFA is to push CE.

Current Needs:
-WW Monk

Guilds Current Prog: 7/8H 2/8M

Raid Schedule:
-Tues/Weds/Thurs 9pm-12am PST
-Optional Alt runs on Saturday from 9pm-12am PST

What We Expect From Our Raiders:
-Solid Attendance (95%+ pref.)
-Good attitude
-Willingness to learn

Plz contact me in game if interested

Hey there, Adventure is a 8/8H guild looking for a few more dps to start Mythic! Come check us out.

Adventure is a new guild recruiting members to fill out our core mythic roster. We are a group of long term players looking to once again tackle mythic content, balancing our WoW life with our real life.

Raid Schedule
Tuesday & Wednesday

Raid Times
7pm - 10pm (CT)

Good Attitude - We don’t recruit for skills, we recruit for attitude. We can always teach skills.
Constant Growth - We believe it is more important to show up to improve than it is show up to prove.
Trust - A guild is not a group of people that raid together. A guild is a group of people that trust each other.


Members must have a desire to learn and grow as a player
Raiders must show up on time
Raiders must know their class
Raiders must come prepared
Raiders must know mechanics
Raiders may help with strategies
Raiders may help with raid supplies (foods, pots, or donations)

Desired Classes
Warlock - HIGH
Warrior -HIGH
Druid (Balance) - HIGH

Any classes with tank or healing off specc are also sought after.

To apply use our website.

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