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Hey Exde, After reading your post, would be happy to be able to speak with you more on your plans in recruiting and what you are looking for, and how you could help our team progress through mythic..

Server: Mal'ganis
Faction: Horde
Progression: 3/8 Mythic
Time Zone: CST
Schedule: Sunday/Monday 10 PM - 1 AM CST (Thursday optional heroic clear)
Discord: https://discord.gg/vWPYuba

Current needs:
Heals: Holy/Disc Priest & Resto Druid/MW
Ranged: Warlock highly prefered (also accepting hunter/boomkin)
Melee: Warrior, Rogue, DH, DK
Other exceptional DPS may be considered

Our current recruitment needs are for our MAIN roster, not as a bench roster.
We also have a very active m+ community to offer, pushing high keys nightly.

JayÐee - Jaydee#1574 (Guild Leader)
Sneakigos - TheBigSlim#1757 (Raid Leader)
<Autumn> of Kil'jaeden is a newly formed hardcore progression guild within Battle for Azeroth that has the solitary goal of pushing down Mythic content on a focused and enjoyable schedule. We are aiming for Top 50 US within the second raid, and looking for players who want the same.

Within Uldir our ranking will shift around as we're trialing players throughout this entire tier, all in preparation for Siege of Zuldazar. We're willing to sacrifice ranking now so that we can build up our core full of exceptional players.

Our core roster will never be completely set in stone. We will always be looking for exceptional players to come and compete for a position here, and we’ll be actively filtering our roster to ensure that the most skilled and flexible players are raiding progression.

Current Progression: 6/8 Mythic

Our WoWprogress page: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/kil-jaeden/Autumn

Schedule (4 Days, 16 hours total):

Monday - 6:00PM - 10:00PM PST
Tuesday - 6:00PM - 10:00PM PST
Wednesday - 6:00PM - 10:00PM PST
Thursday - 6:00PM - 10:00PM PST

We'll be dropping a day and an hour each day after progression is over, for a total of 9 hours each week.

Recruitment Needs:

- Mage - Medium
- Hunter - High
- Warrior - Medium
- Resto Druid - Medium
- Mistweaver Monk - High
- One Off/Third Tank (DH/DK/Monk/Paladin/Druid). You will need to be able to DPS/Heal as an Offspec.

We are always looking for exceptional players of every class/spec regardless of our current needs listed on WoWprogress or here, so do not hesitate to reach out to me on discord at any time. (Mellow#0533).

We are looking for the following attributes in a potential recruit:

- Team player
- Possesses clear and calm communication skills.
- Constantly pushing to min/max their play.

Guild fit and personality are extremely important to us, and we believe that successful progression raiding goes hand in hand with an enjoyable guild culture. With that said, I do not want to waste either of our time, so please only apply if you have previous high-end Mythic raiding experience and can go above and beyond what would be expected from your class.

Contact Information:

Mellow#0533 (Discord)
Mellow#11609 (B.Net)


<Memers and Dreamers> is looking for new players to join our team! Founded in 2016 and reformed in 2018, the goal of Memers and Dreamers has always been to create an environment that feels like a home within WoW, a place for our members to achieve their goals while also having fun! We have always viewed the guild and raid success objectively: It is a result of good team work rather than individual performance. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or just starting to dip your toes into the mythic scene, we're always looking for skilled players to join our roster!

Currently 3/8M Uldir, we raid Tuesdays and Thursday from 830PM - 1130PM EST. Currently we engage in a lot of activity throughout the week - such as mythic+ , alt raids, Arenas, and groups to sell carries for gold.

We offer an active roster and a great environment for those looking to enjoy the game while they progess. We here at Memers and Dreamers are a skilled group and want more skilled people to play with! Players who would be a good fit for us would most likely exhibit the following qualities:

- Wants a long-term home
- Enjoys playing with the guild outside of raid times
- Has a desire for the team's success over their own personal success
- Researches their class and spec and strives to be the best player they can be
- Is open minded to suggestions and is accepting of constructive criticism
- Wants to have an enjoyable time playing the game!

We are currently most interested the following classes/specs for raiding, however we are always looking for quality players regardless of role and encourage anyone to apply:

Any exceptional Range DPS
Any Exceptional Healers

To apply; Simplye shoot me a message on Bnet or Discord and ill be happy to discuss any questions you may have!
You can reach me at alejandro#1223 (Bnet) OR Alejandro#0151 (Discord)
Hope to talk to you soon!
<CHØSEN> Alliance - Proudmoore is a newly formed guild of mythic raiders. We are a group of players who understand what we want from the game. We would like to have fun but also complete our goals.

Our main goal is to be cutting edge by end of expansion. It may not happen in Uldir but it will happen this expansion. We also plan to have high end Rated PVP and players dedicated to pushing keys to the highest limits possible.


We raid Saturdays and Sundays 3 PM PDT - 6 PM PDT with invites going out at 2:45 PST.

We are looking for like minded talented individuals of the following classes

Disc Priest
Ranged Hunter

However, we encourage exceptional players of all classes to apply

I would be willing to discuss paid transfers for exceptional players.

If you have any questions please message me on the following platforms

Discord - Sinoa#9016
Battle.net - Suavepeanuts#1992
Your (relatively open) availability lines up nicely. Edit: We would probably prefer you as a monk, since our healing officer is already rocking a priest. Cooldown diversity is nice.

<Super Murder Friends> [Area 52 - Horde] is currently recruiting exceptional players for Heroic progression and, inevitably, pushing into Mythic. We have experience clearing 8/8N and 7/8H, but with a lot of pugs. We are working towards a consistent raid group so we can avoid wasting time looking for pugs and focus on destroying raid bosses.

Our current core roster have all been playing since at least TBC, and have raid experience spanning most expansions. Most of us are in the 27-30 range, but we are open to anyone 18+.

Our schedule is as follows:
Tuesday 8:00pm - 12:00am EDT
Wednesday 8:00pm - 12:00am EDT
Some of us are online most other nights doing M+ runs or other shenanigans.

We are currently looking for applicants in all roles. All positions are currently core positions. We don't have a bench. Haven't even gone bench shopping.

If you are interested, or have any additional questions, please reach out to me on Discord.

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