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Unfortunately my sub will run in a few days, so I won't be able to do this anymore. Wow isn't worth the renewal price, or even earning gold for sub, anymore. But if anyone wants a fun strat for revenge, here's mine.

I know many of us find it disappointing that Wow has become a game where the goal for many players is to be op. Not good, or viable: op. Where your opponent cannot win, mathematically: where they can't even fight back. It's always had that element, but with paid battle pets, buying gold, and a host of other change (twinks in regular bgs) this is the dominant theme in Wow now. It's far too close to pay to play for me.

When I go against one of those ridiculous teams (ragnaros, bone serp, twilight clutch), I lean in. I mean, this person has paid money to get fast wins. So even though it's mathematically impossible to win, by slowing them, I win. Sometimes I even get them to make a mistake and lose. After all, by buying op pet, they're admitting they aren't very good (like twinks in regular bgs).

I took over an hour to get two close losses against that team today. It was awesome. I kept rotating in heals (hyjal wisp). I also take the full time to make each move, or even to choose my first pet in the battle. Every second. If you do this repeatedly, the timer speeds up. So the best torture is to go faster on the irritating moves (decoy, evasion) and keep the timer at max. You'll need at least one team healer to really milk it. Sometimes they'll get so irritated they'll leave. Remember, these are ppl who would literally pay for a fast pokemon win.

I know it's not pet battle, but a similar strat can be done against low level twinks in reg bgs (capture the flag). Your whole team defends your flag, and only attacks if they try to carry. The rest of the time everyone uses cc and off heals to minimize and blunt their attacks and protect their teammates. Remember, these twinks have practiced together for months, bought gold, hunted down the best gear at great consumption of time. Not letting them gy camp you REALLY pisses them off: they don't get what they paid for.

I'm sure there will be some (especially pro-pay to plays) who will attack this post or call me a hater. Do with it what you like. Personally, I liked a WOW that was accessible to all, and skill/time spent with friends was the maximum value. Unless that comes back, I'm here to slow play the pay to plays.
I can see you're frustrated and I empathize with that even thou I am not a PvP pet battler. However, I have a question of curiosity about this statement...

10/22/2018 07:31 PMPosted by Jmol
When I go against one of those ridiculous teams (ragnaros, bone serp, twilight clutch), I lean in. I mean, this person has paid money to get fast wins.

Lil Ragnos can be purchased for $10 from the Blizzard store which isn't expensive (my lunch cost more than that), and for people who buy game-time with gold it would be free. The other two are old raid & garrison pets that are free. So, what do you mean about these people "paid money to get fast wins"?

Please excuse my ignorance.
The only thing I can think of is the fact that Lil' Ragnaros still has the highest power stat amongst all the pets. Other than that, its Sons of the Flame is similar to Puppies of the Flame or Sons of the Root, so it's only unique ability is Sulfuras Smash.

On that note, I don't pvp pet battles, either. I don't know the specifics on how matches are done, timers, and so on. Maybe people got tired of the fights that took forever because of some pets like Emperor Crab that can defense, heal, and has an ability guaranteed to go first and slowly whittle hp down. Or maybe, like me, they hate fighting other players and want to get it done as quickly as possible. That, of course, is pure speculation on my part. As I said, I don't pvp in any of its forms.
ill have whatever this guy is having
10/22/2018 09:15 PMPosted by Amayita
On that note, I don't pvp pet battles, either. I don't know the specifics on how matches are done, timers, and so on.

Though I dislike PvP pet battles immensely, I do it when there's an objective. Such as this tabard that I'm wearing. I recently got a quest to win 10 PvP pet battles. And my team was losing more than it was winning. So, I replaced one of my pets with Wyrmy Tunkins. Problem solved.

When you queue for a pet battle (which, contrary to the complaints of some of the PvP pet battlers here, isn't long at all; it's shorter than even random BGs), your pets are locked in. There are no changes or substitutions unless you remove yourself from the queue or until after the pet battle is over. You get notified when there's an opponent, hit accept, and you're removed to another locale (although no one in that zone can actually see you), and your toon cannot move. You face your opponent who's similarly stuck in place. You can't really see much detail of each other. You have absolutely no way of communicating each other, other than giving obnoxious names to your pets. You cannot talk, emote or anything else with each other.

Here's a huge difference between PvP and PvE: unlike PvE, you're not obligated to start the match with your lead pet. You can start with any pet in your lineup. You have three pets, pick which one you want to go first. Your opponent does the same and you have no way of knowing what pet your opponent is going to start with until both your selections move forward to face each other. You can see what pets are in your opponent's lineup, but he could go with any pet to start with, same as you.

You pick your move, your opponent does the same. You have a certain length of time to do this. If you don't, you lose a turn. That's what the OP's talking about when he talks about milking the timer. I think it's 30 seconds to pick your moves.

I freely admit it's aggravating when your opponent takes a long time to make a decision. Win or lose, I just want to get this over with. Four things can happen. 1) You can win, 2) you can lose, 3) you can forfeit, 4) your opponent can forfeit.
Jmol, you're really so miserably bitter about some players spending $10 on a store pet?

I suggest you keep playing, preferably 18 hours a day, because I don't see how you are going to cope with real life when your neighbours buy a Ferrari.
10/22/2018 07:31 PMPosted by Jmol
Where your opponent cannot win, mathematically: where they can't even fight back.

I get you're mad, but in pet battles this probly isn't the case at all..... Maybe some stupidly op murloc combo(and even this...) but a lil ragnaros trapping ?

I'm pretty sure that you can deal with this very easily... I understand that sometimes in pvp you are just trying new teams out and get q'd with a really op team(or maybe just one that hard counters yours) and can't do much, but that happens to other players too.

What i do is if i face the same annoying team twice i build mine around defeating it, same way when i'm playing any kind of strategy game where i need to adapt my strategy to defeat my opponent. More than once i faced someone who lost to me a few times and started switching his pets or moves, adjusting to fight my team, and that's really cool.

Ppl complain a lot about balance but rn there is not any stupidly op pet/team...
Go catch an Eternal strider in pandaria rite outside the shrine. Good bye Rag. The twilight clutch sister is a tough one however mix in some undead in your team and you will be ok.
Thank you for explaining, Loncis. I doubt I'd ever find out for myself, so I appreciate the info. :)

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