Can have one things back for your class?

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Gladiator stance
PVE Smokebomb
Wod Arcane and Fire.
10/24/2018 01:32 AMPosted by Lilywhite
Gladiator stance

Logged in to post for glad stance as well.
Speaking for my shaman;

Not being a wet noodle.
To be able to play my class and spec(elemental).
Warlock Ritual of Doom. The old one that required a bunch of group members to help summon a kinda crappy enslaved doomguard pet, and it randomly killed one of the participants.
Burst of speed, and not the 60 energy one, the pre-nerf one.
10/23/2018 07:34 PMPosted by Kozzae
I miss poisons for combat, but don't miss applying them constantly.

Whoa guys, that was almost criticism
Sunder Armor
Crusader Aura. Heart of the Crusader only benefits myself. It was awesome to buff your party or battleground group with a 20% speed increase.
Blessing of Might!
I'd just like to be able to have a flight form.
All shaman totems that ever were. Yes there was a use for every one of them. Oh & please don't re-jig them like tremor. Old school tremor that could break a fear was far better.
Eyes of the Beast. It made for great scouting before hand.
Mage- Deep Freeze
Warlock- Fel Flame
Shadow Priest- Devouring Plague
Rogue- Recuperate
Unholy DK- Death Siphon. Death runes
Ret- Auras

There's a lot actually missing from the classes that I really liked but out of the 4 to 6 abilities lost for each class over the last 3 expacs, these are the ones I miss most
Paladins: raid wide buffs across ALL specs

Hunters: Vanilla pet system before pet normalization
The last time I played WoW (during BC), there were no monks... so I'm pretty good with how the class plays now.
I actually enjoyed swapping between auras. I remember in pvp I’d adjust which aura I would use based on who I was facing. So I would use frost resist if facing a frost mage, retribution for rogues, etc. Plus I liked how I felt like the Warcraft 3 paladin hero unit.

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