[H] <Gahinga> is recruiting

Draenor and Echo Isles
Hello! <Gahinga> is recruiting active players for end game mythic+/raids.

We’re currently 5/8 Heroic. We are looking to fill our heroic slots as well as build a core group for mythic. Our current raid times are Friday/Saturday from 6-9pm PST.

We ask that raiders be on time, gemmed and enchanted. Flasks and food are provided.

Players who are not currently at gear level for heroic/mythic can be considered for normal raid nights with the potential of conversion to more difficult modes as your gear level increases. Loot is personal.

Our primary recruiting need at this time is DPS, especially ranged DPS, but melee is also welcome.

We use discord as our primary communication tool.

Loria#1730 or any officers online can probably answer any questions that you may have.

Happy gaming!

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