DK lf Guild - Horde Frostmorne

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
    Preferred times: 7pm-late AEST (flexible on raid days)
    Server: Frostmorne
    Faction: Horde
    Current ilvl: 356
    Preferred role: tank, can also DPS

Currently in a casual guild that doesn't really run mythic dungeons nor raids. Looking for a guild that does do these things so that I can progress and also enjoy further end game content.

I also have a similar geared mage and DH giving me flexibility as well.
G'day Chilly,

<Goomz> on Barthilas Horde raids Sunday and Monday nights from 7-10pm and 7:30-10:30pm server time on Sundays and Mondays, respectively. We also run an optional normal clear for casual/alts on Tuesday nights from 8-11 Server.

We're 7/8H in progression and are looking for a tank for our core group.

If you're open to the possibility of server transferring - add me on Bnet and we can have a chat. Krimsonmyst#1273
H <The Last Hope> Barthilas 8/8H 2/8M are looking for dedicated players of all skill levels to bolster our mythic core.

Currently searching for Tank/Heals/Dps

We raid Wed/Thu 8-11pm server time with an optional raid night Monday.

Add me to bnet so we can chat Syner#11257

Hi Chilly

<dont touch my bread> (Frostmourne) currently 2/8 M
looking for competent, patient and dedicated bread lovers to be on our core raid roster.
Currently we are quite melee heavy and so we are looking for rdps
You will probably need to gear up a bit more if you want to raid Mythic with us.

Our weekly raid schedule is as follows:
6-9PM AEST / 7-10PM RT
Wednesday - Heroic
Thursday - Mythic
Sunday - Mythic

Contact anyone of our officers if you're interested
✩ Padakfain: padakfain#1400
✩ Skyterror: arkanug#1509
✩ Nardrosis: nardrosis#1680
✩ Slugger: sluglife#11826
<Oath> on Barthilas 7/8H 1/8M would love to have you, currently seeking a BDK such as yourself, if you were willing to xfer, we'd be willing to gear you as quickly as possible to jump into mythic raiding as soon as possible.

Hope to hear from you, Neph#11453 should you want to catch up.

We raid from 22:30 server time on Wed and Sunday.

Please check out our recruitment post and drop me a message if you want to discuss further:

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