Vampiric Embrace changed to a raid buff

11/01/2018 04:12 AMPosted by Guldalina
10/31/2018 08:35 AMPosted by Fiftyrip
Even if it didn't stack, 5% would be nuts. That'd be a dps spec bringing ~15000 raid HPS at current mythic levels of play. 10% raidwide leech would be more healing than most if not all of your healers :)

DH have a talent for a passive 10% leech, its not as much as you think it is tbh. Most raid healing is burst healing, not a sustained trickle, so you barely get any use out of leech anyway. 5% to the whole raid in theory, if EVERYONE was getting damaged constantly, would be like 500-1k hps/person. but there isn't any fight besides G'huun where this actually happens. And even then, 5% leech isn't going to let you survive another stack of that debuff...
If the content is hard, and there is high raid damage leech is very strong. Burst damage is easier to heal then raid rotting for high amounts over time. Look at the healing log of the DH, if everyone in the raid had 10% leech passive from just having a shadow priest, that would have been over 1mil healing per person. The top healer did 13mil healing. If everyone had 10% the full fight then that one passive woudl have done more then the top heal. Now if this stacked and people could have more then 10% it just gets rediculous. Even if it was only 5%, 500k healing per person is a crazy passive, and would be a must have on high raid damage fights.

On low raid damage fights and easier content the leech would be less op because not much healing is even needed, but that would allow for underhealing.
Passive Raid buffs don't add anything positive to the game. I understand wanting to feel useful in raid, but I think theres better solutions.

I actually like the more powerful VE, I just wish it was more reliable as a self heal. Feels awful to pop it while you're sitting like 40% health and it just heals someone else. I wish it could be split into multiple targets like Ancestral Guidance.
Am I reading the spell wrong? I've said this before, but I've been under the impression that each instance of damage heals someone for 85% of the damage done while you have the VE buff. It sounds like people are saying the effect only heals one person total. Clarification would be appreciated.

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