(A) <Infusion> 4/8M 9hr/week 10+ year LFM

Guild Recruitment
<Infusion> of Azjol-Nerub was founded in April of 2007. The creation of the guild was based off the idea of being the best on the server. Since the creation of the guild, the realm has dwindled in population, so we look to better ourselves and push our world/US ranking up every tier.

We were always a 25 man guild throughout history. While we may miss it, Mythic brings an excitement of competition to it due to everyone being on the same page and we welcome that. We maintain a relaxed environment while keeping a serious attitude for progression. We fully understand that WoW is a game; you won't perform your best if you're not having fun and that's our basis of raid every night.

We do not over-recruit. We have Discord interviews with all recruits and only accept those who we feel will fit best in our small family. Why play if you can't enjoy the content, forced to sit on a bench? Our roster is always kept small.

We only recruit who and what we're after, we don't take chances.

Raid hours are Tues-Thurs 9-12 EST (6-9 PST).

We are currently 4/8 M Uldir.

Recruiting Needs:
1 Healer, Resto druid preferred.
Any ranged.
Maybe 1 melee.
Any exceptional player looking for a long term home.

We're only looking to recruit 3 raiders, 1 being a healer. We have not needed to recruit since the end of Antorus.

The best way to contact us is real ID at Decix#1306 or discord Decix#8154
off to blizzcon
Have fun!
WC3 remastered!
Those WC3 graphics look sick.
Mobile Diablo game? Alright I'll give it a shot.
Thanks Nisashi
Np dude.
Fetid pulls this week

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