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(Note I've tried: changing my password, changing my forum character, and logging in, out and back in. Nothing so far suggested worked.)

Hi. I am having a problem with my forum avatar. Although I have been using this character on the forums for a bit now, my avatar is nevertheless appearing as what looks like the silhouette of a night elf, which I am not.

Also, I notice that beneath my name displayed next to my avatar, it reads I am in a guild (which I don't believe exists anymore) and I am guildless. I'm also not level 90, rather I'm level 120, and an orc.

If someone could please explain this to me, and/or direct me to where I can update this information. I would TRULY appreciate the help. This has been really bugging me for awhile now.

Thank you! Sincerely and cordially, Draconem.
There is no need for multiple posts about the same issue. It is best to keep with the original post that was relocated to the correct Forum.

Also, please don't "bump" posts, even your own.

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