Discipline Priest overnerf (PvP)

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This is something that many people, including big Discipline Priest names like Hydramist, have been pointing out but hasn't been adressed at all since all the nerfs were announced for 8.1 regarding Discipline Priests in PvP.
As was mentioned by Hydra and any Discipline Priest, if 8.1 was to go live as-is, Discipline would be completely unviable, even below a possible 8.0-changeless-holy priest spec.
Sure, Holy Priests are being buffed and gaining much needed tools to become competitive, but I am not sure that should come as detriment of Discipline Priest as both healing specs can live together like they did in Legion with completely different niches (Disc for setup comps, Holy for Cleaves).
That said I really wish we could have a Designer talk a little about their Philosophy behind all the massive Disc nerfs and how they think the spec should/will work moving forward.
Well what you have to be afraid of? Priests are still going to stay on top since they are not buffing any of the bottom healers.
11/01/2018 06:42 PMPosted by Pikalegion

woah, looks like horde and especially blood elves are ridiculously OP! Just look at their representation above 1800! Blizzard please nerf horde.

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