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I've been doing the outpost upgrade missions for BFA on my priest and she's only 115. My last one gave me an item "outpost upgrade" for Swiftwind Post in Drustvar, however, it doesn't seem to be a real item that goes in my bags. Looking at Wowhead, it seems it should trigger a quest. But I think that quest only triggers at 120. Soooo what happens to these upgrade missions that I'm doing now? Am I wasting resources? Will I not actually get the upgrade quests when I hit 120? I'm a bit concerned now that I'm thinking about it. Was this not intended? TIA
11/01/2018 05:54 PMPosted by Warlockjen
it doesn't seem to be a real item that goes in my bags.

They are not, no. They're little QOL upgrades to the new outposts you open.

08/26/2018 12:08 AMPosted by Galladen
* One outpost adds a NPC who gives you a stamina and an armor buff
* One adds a ridable crawg which runs super fast but can't stop and leaves if you dismount it
* One adds clickable barrels which get your character drunk
* One adds tiny dinosaurs you can pet
* One does literally nothing

These are the ones discovered for the Alliance outposts established in Zuldazar, but I'm not 100% sure if they translate directly to the Horde equivalent. One of them that I'm sure about, adds a pack of wolves that runs laps. I do believe the stam/armor buff is also available, and I have seen the crawg running about, though I've never used it.
I'm not asking what the outposts do or anything like that, I already have a 120.

Not sure why this was moved to general, I was looking for customer service. Never mind, I will just put in a ticket so I can get someone to actually answer.

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