How will Sylvanas die?

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and be amazed
I imagine she would be brought back as a normal High Elf, blue eyes and all. Then she will get kill by Arthas again, only for real. Arthas comes back only as a good guy but his story is dropped part way through and never mentioned again.
Nathanos finally has enough of her manipulation of his feelings and murders her.
garry’s spirit will hold her and say something like “no queen rules forever, clever !@#$%”
11/04/2018 11:49 PMPosted by Taunthis

and be amazed
Brah, that was awesome =D

I truly enjoyed this!!!
I don't think she's gonna die lol
This will never happen but what if Sylvanas escapes and starts a third faction made up of a variety of playable undead versions of races from the Horde and Alliance.
Necromancer and Shadow Hunter are introduced.
In the most cliche-ridden way possible.

If she dies, Blizzard is damned.
If she is redeemed, Blizzard is damned.

Polishing a turd would be easier than keeping players happy with the story.
With a chair shot by Zappy boi.

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