Blizzard dev blames Trump for community backlash.

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11/05/2018 05:04 AMPosted by Mairisa
You know what for all you people hating trump you are the very reason he was voted in and yet you still fail to see that. I'm sorry he offends you but I was offended by Obama and the crap he pulled.

1) And to think, all this time I though the reason Trump was voted in was Russian propaganda. Thanks for enlightening me to The Truth.

2) Then you should be doubly-outraged at all the things Trump has pulled. Man, if you thought Crooked Hillary's email server was bad, I bet you're just furious about Trump and his refusal to use a properly-secured iphone because, "I can't store my contacts on the government one."
11/05/2018 04:56 AMPosted by Tattalia
Since Blizzard didn't take the thread down, yep that happens. People spread fake news, look at the person talking about how classic forums are violent/terrible and when fact-checked was proven to be untrue but that thread is still up too
Classic forums are terrible.
LOL, that's hilarious of course they blame Trump. Trump will make WoW great again!
11/05/2018 04:29 AMPosted by Lalasong
No, I'm not making this up. His settings are "private" on Twitter, but we have the original tweets archived.


No joke, I blame @realDonaldTrump for the rhetoric of the Blizzard community right now over #DiabloImmortal. It hasn't been this bad in *years*. Perverse national discourse and normalization of hard line / no compromise speech is the root cause of this.

Now, assuming he's being serious....

You know. Take it from a person who has been screwed a lot in life, I've probably had a rougher life than most people. I'm not going to tell you what I've had done to me. But one thing I can tell most people. is that blaming other people for your problems, just isn't a good strategy in life.

Now, in the broader context of this tweet, politics aside, I'm more than certain there are people in our "lovely community-TM" whom are very disjointed about Diablo Immortal that don't like Trump. Some aren't even remotely Republican.

I'm even willing to bet that some may in fact, have a down right hatred for President Trump. With that being said, I think it's just a little insulting to customers who are "left" politically, whom don't even listen to what Trump believes, to be caricatured in a way that their complaints aren't validated because Trump made them nasty forum posters, despite rejecting Trumps "rhetoric".

I mean, if you don't believe me, just go ahead and ask them. I'm pretty sure they will tell you that Trump had zero impact on their displeasure about Diablo.

I also don't think as a conservative that Blizzard should be blaming my criticism of their decisions about a video game on my president. Trump didn't walk in, insult Chris Metzan by calling him a fat motherless ogre and forced the Dev team to make a bad choice. That's just really silly. Trump's "rhetoric" as some would put it, didn't cause me or other people to be less critical.

I was here on the forums when Obama was president, hissing like a snake when they tried to put in REAL ID. And don't even get me started on MOP when they announced Panderan as a playable race.

I also find it hypocritical that so many people, like myself, who defend Blizzards right to make video games free from the censorship, free from a group of paranoid lawyers who blame violence on video games, blame a sitting president for the same shenanigans. Me listening to Trump doesn't make me a violent person, nor does it make me some "hardliner" as the Dev in question would assume.

I mean for goodness sake, I play a Panda. :3

This is almost as bad when Columbia Pictures blamed Misogyny for the reason why the 2016 Ghost Busters movie was so poorly received.

Strong community backlash has always been here because people are passionate about what they play. Good god, I remember when all the people were crying about Cataclysm Dungeons being hard and Ghost crawlers sarcastic response. Video game community's have always been toxic. If some would think backlash or toxicity is bad now, just go back to 2007 on the Xbox live with the Halo 3 and Modern Warfare 1 community. It would make onions cry.

It's like we live in a day and age where people just can't admit they made mistakes. How are we ever supposed to progress as a society if we can't at least admit there is a problem? I've made mistakes, plenty of them. I'm not perfect. Neither is Blizzard nor anybody. Try to better yourself. Go and take a break. Hide in your home for 5 days and just relax and know that it's not the end of the world. And come out swinging.

If the Dev is reading this. I'm not even upset. I just hope you get better.

That's all I need to say about this.

I would have taken you less time to google who this was than it took you to write this ridiculously inaccurate post. As other have said, he's not a dev or even an employee of Blizzard. He runs a fan site, and has said stuff just as stupid in the past. I am pretty liberal and even I think he's out of his mind on this one.

The worst part is that so many people fell for this "fake news" lol.
this is just sad.
This man is clueless and doesn't live in reality if he is blaming the toxicity over this on President Trump. How about he blames the true culprit that is Blizz who screwed up over this.
Blizzard employee or not it was a fun thread idc. Lots of memes and lots of laughs to be had for all. Surprisingly there were a lot of people that came out against this Trump blaming too, which is nice to see.
Dear developer, please leave your politics at home and just do your job - design games the community wants.
Why take a critical look at anything when it can always be blamed on Trump and his army of Russian bots?
11/05/2018 04:40 AMPosted by Wildora
11/05/2018 04:38 AMPosted by Bearj
Lol people just blame Trump for everything he's a way for people to shift the blame for their own actions/failures.

Its typical for that side to blame others for their failures and take credit for other peoples success.

actually from what I have seen. Both side blame the other. The problem is it usually their side screwing them over. magically everyone believes it the other side. never get politics. During Obama years all his fault no matter what by republicans. trump years all his fault by democrats.

Trump still blames Obama and democrats. for things he done. Blows my mind. How people belive half the crap.

Now don't get mad it just what I have seen. but most threads that whine and complain come from republicans. I am actually curious why that is.

In before anyone I vote for ever less screw me over. That why I like bush, hated Obama, like Clinton. well get picture.
11/05/2018 04:59 AMPosted by Thrasius
Trumps a garbage human being and the worst President in modern history, and I greatly look forward to reading his obituary, but... he's not responsible for every jerk gamer or twitter user.

What has he done that has negatively affected your life?
Is it really such a surprise to them that the diablo community does not want a pay to win mobile "Let's turn players into payers" Low quality pile of vomit spit out by a company that is INFAMOUS for it's shoddy Nickle and dime you to death knockoffs.
11/05/2018 05:22 AMPosted by Släm
Blizzard employee or not it was a fun thread idc. Lots of memes and lots of laughs to be had for all. Surprisingly there were a lot of people that came out against this Trump blaming too, which is nice to see.

Well yeah, unlike trumptards rationale people don't go around spreading misinformation and twisting facts, even if it might paint them in a bad light.
I’ve seen some pretty retarded twitter posts, but this Devs takes the cake.
11/05/2018 05:25 AMPosted by Rigg
Dear developer, please leave your politics at home and just do your job - design games the community wants.

He's not a developer he is just someone that is clueless that wants to deflect the blame away from Blizz.
11/05/2018 04:43 AMPosted by Uxmaziel
He may have a point.

Not that the Diablo thing isn't their own self inflicted wound.

But any casual look over these forums or other forums the past few years has shown a clear increase in hostility and aggressiveness in terms of the way people write to or at each other.

And while that's not saying the Diablo thing is Trump's fault. What it is saying is that the political atmosphere and open hostility there between the two sides, may be bleeding out into other completely unrelated areas like the forums here. People are just worked up in general and it's coming through in multiple formats even where you wouldn't expect it. There's a certain level of transference that's going on.

And I think there may be some merit to that argument. Even if Blizzard should own it's issue with Diablo.

Nah. What we see here is a Blizzard Dev using a classic misdirect. The majority of Blizz employees are almost certainly liberal minded. Is it any surprise that they blame something on their personal anti-Christ? They didn't misjudge the audience, the audience was unduly influenced by Trump! Throw in a solid dash of hubris and it's easy to see where this pompous individual was coming from.
11/05/2018 04:40 AMPosted by Skyterrortwo
People these days really bring politics into everywhere including games, don’t they?

Yup, a certain type brings it up on these boards alllll the time, huh?

Didn't read the whole novel in OP but it's a fact that the reality star has empowered a very ugly voice, so nothing would surprise me at this point.
OP should either delete this or correct the title of this thread.

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