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Mr. Blizzard,

Can we have some changes to Holy Paladins, please?

First and foremost: the Mastery. It's not that I don't like melee fantasy; I love it. But every point of mastery I take on my gear penalizes my spells when cast at medium+ range, and that's not fun. I have suggestions, such as a splash heal on both healing and damage done, but I'm sure you guys can do better than me.

Furthermore, our mobility. Holy Shock is very strong, but it's not enough to carry us when we need to move. Light of the Martyr needs to be stronger, and if that means a CD or more sacrifice, so be it. Also, Infusion of Light should be more meaningful. Whether that means a buff to the passive or the spells, whatever.

Beacon of Virtue. Nice idea. Not really fun to play with, though. Would be better if it was static with a reduced heal amount, or if it healed more allies when present. It's also not helpful when the healing is unpredictable. Each individual tick of healing should be smart.

Bring back Holy Radiance, please.

I would probably have a more detailed post, but as you all can tell, I leveled twice and grinded rep just to have this one, and then barely did anything. It's just not fun. So I don't have all the talents and abilities memorized that I think aren't good.

Thanks for your time.

Absinthe Minded
Light of the martyr is very cheap to cast. Even including the health you lose, it's a very efficient heal and is there to cast when you absolutely have to move. I know a lot of paladins dont like it for various reasons, but I think it's a solid addition to the healing kit.

Beacon of virtue works well for me in BGs and dungeons, I like the spell and I thinks it's a strong choice for burst aoe healing. I wouldn't want it to be a passive.

Holy mastery does kind of suck. As much as I love the fantasy of being a melee healer with a giant hammer, the mastery really needs to be changed because there are a lot of times when you simply cannot heal from a close distance, most notably in pvp.
Light of the Martyr isn't bad, per se, I just think paladins need an improvement with heals when moving. Once upon a time we had LoD, HR, HP, WoG, and HS in the same toolkit.

As far as Virtue goes, it has a very high probability of healing who needs it in dungeons, but it should be adjusted to be more effective in raids. If each heal simply targeted the lowest health raid member that would make it much better.

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