Do you have a favorite toy?

Wyrmrest Accord
I like to collect stuff when I am bored and was going through my list, and every time I see my Super Simian Sphere I go bananas.

I had just been doing dailies in Icecrown back in the day and it dropped off a random mob. I had never heard of it but when I tried it out, I squealed. I love monkeys and apes so it tickles me every time. I also didn't realize it was fairly rare. It's fun to pull out at the start of BGs, even if it does make you a living bullseye. I try not to do it in cities too much so as to not mess with people's immersion, but anytime there is some sort of OOC "dance party" thing, I am immediately beating my chest in a bright pink ball.

I have some other ones I think are pretty neat (the dance piccolo, the Horde banner, a lot of "costume" ones, etc) and a few that are flat-out useful (portable mailbox!!!) but that is the only one I really just love for the silliness of it.

What are your favorites? How did you get them? Are there any you don't have that you would kill for? There are so many cool ones in-game that I thought it would be neat to hear about how others feel.
Slide whistle.

Macro'd to go off when I use Deathgrip on my DK alt.
Any Rogue who doesn't answer with Suspicious Crate is not a true Rogue.
Wayfarers Bonfire

It's a small thing, and little better than a silly reference, but I really like Dork Souls so...

Also, Flippable Table and a lot of transformation toys like the Arrakoa ones
Mine is almost anything that turns you into something else. A few favorites include Burning Defender’s Medallion, Stormforged War Horn, and Mote of Light.

Which turn you into a Fire Revenant, Valarjar, and Constellar Human respectively.
Highborne Soul Mirror. I can't quite explain why but I really like staring at my own ghost.
11/06/2018 05:55 PMPosted by Baenura

foul belly is the best toy
Let's see... I enjoy using the Love Ray, even have it macroed with a /hug
Another fun one is the Narcissa's Mirror, it is neat to use it as a bear druid and have a little mini bear pet with me on my adventures lol
So many. Toys are my major love in terms of collecting stuff in WoW. A few that I have hotkeyed on EVERY alt:

Carved Ogre Idol
Panflute of Pandaria
Prismatic Bauble
Perpetual Purple Firework (usually on a macro e.g. tricks of the trade)
I do, but I think I'd get banned if I talked about it here.
Casting the haunting memento on unsuspecting people.
I normally don’t do it to people who are actively rping but once I put it on a lady in a recruiter group that was chilling next to the cath.
Of course a few minutes later one of the guys started flirting with her only to watch as she turned into an undead abomination.

He ran screaming from the square after that it was pretty great.
Ethereal Portal and the Dark Portal Hearthstones.

They're nothing more than fancy hearthstones but they're super flashy and I love them.
Dropping the train down while waiting for the gates of AV to drop. 40 people doing the train noise made me laugh and how triggered people got made me laugh even harder
Flippable Table is my #1 favorite.

Super Simian Sphere
Mourning Glory because no one else will plant flowers for me.
Angler's Fishing Raft for my warlock.
Death's Door Charm
Headless Horseman's Hearthstone
Piccolo of the Flaming Fire to annoy people.
Whole-Body Shrinka'
Never Ending Toy Chest is always fun to watch.
and Time-Lost Figurine cause burd.

... I like a lot of my toys.
If we're being literal, my favourites are the flight path toys because walking is for suckers.

But they're not fun so... probably either the Slightly-Chewed Insult Book or the Piccolo. (The nerf of the latter was understandable but I'm still a bit sad-- no more 'unofficial' AH dance parties-- but I still like to pop it at the start of BGs.)

And JewelCraft is a good way to waste some time if you're waiting for a mission or a queue.
11/06/2018 07:27 PMPosted by Ursuola
I do, but I think I'd get banned if I talked about it here.

Gnome with a vibrate setting?
I like the mana bomb toy. I think my favorites are the pennants though.
I usually gather toys for IC use, I like viewing them to try and set a mood or theme, or use a few clever tricks.

The day of the dead contenders costumes will force appearances onto your character, but taking them off will remove them, including any other forced appearance that's been placed on your character

For example, using the Moonkin disguise, then using the contenders costume and removing the contenders costume will remove the antlers and shoulders, but not the sneak animation, so you can have your character prowl about.

It works for other things as well, like the helmet from the vrykul drinking horn

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