Hellscream and Zangarmarsh
Hello! I am in search of an Alliance guild and I’m hoping to get some feed back from Hellscream guilds. I’ll make this really short and too the point!

1) Mythic+
2) Casual BGs
3) RP
4) Sitting in discord talking
5) Small communities

Those interests are in no particular order! I use to raid and push Mythic+ (was 3.1k in Legion) however I’m looking to get away from all that hard core stuff. I just want to have a couple toons. Run my +10s with guildmates each week. Sit around in discord and talk. I’m a really laid back kind of guy and easy going!

If your guild sounds like a good fit and you’d like to talk to me leave me a message or add me on Btag!

Btag: Phatori#1304

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