Ex top 10 world 6/8M DH LF 6/8+ 2 night

Guild Recruitment
Hi all! I've starting looking for another guild because I am currently unhappy with the one I am in. They are great people and seem to have a friendly group but ultimately I need something a little better. I've played in the past with Exodus and a few other top tier guilds so I know what it takes to compete at the highest level. I also used to raid lead as a hpaly for many years so I'm comfortable filling that position or following orders. I take raiding very seriously when need be and make very few mistakes (can check on logs).

What I am looking for;

1. 2 nights a week (tue/thu best but not a huge deal) and times don't matter too much.
2. Alliance or Horde is fine
3. Minimum of 6/8M. At this point with gear and array stacks most good guilds should be past this.

Looking to find a great group to join and gel with over the years. Look forward to speaking with all of you! Feel free to post here or add me at Mike#110656.

Logs- https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/burning-legion/enigmatix
still looking!

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