You log onto wow and want to get nostalgic

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Where do you go and what do you do?
I log into my first ever toon (long since abandoned) and quest around a bit. Maybe do a random dungeon or two.
I had my hearth set to Darnassus and I would go there to use the AH if needed. Pretty rare, but I liked to go there every once in awhile and just enjoy the nostalgia feeling and see the bear/tree bank.

I hope it gets a graphics update once they're done ruining it, but that they keep all of the little details the same.
Run around Ironforge

(I main horde now, but back in the day was alliance)
I fly around Icecrown
Level a starting Nelf hunter through Teldrassil.

My Druid still does all his town business in Darnassus (Moonglade makes it reasonably convenient).
I can't get nostalgia since it has changed so much. I just enjoy playing for what it is.
I have lots of lower level characters all over the place. Basically, if I want to be "nostalgic", I log onto one of them and just play without setting any particular goal.

The idea is to try to not do exactly what I've done 30x over, but to slow down and look at the world like I've never seen it before. Be "in the moment", as they say. No rushing to max, no worrying about ilvl. Just taking it one quest at a time, reading the text, and paying attention.

That's how I recapture the feelings I had when I first started playing.
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Where do you go and what do you do?

Bribe a healer buddy.
Throw on my GM Tmog and claymore
Throw on some 2000's alt rock

Rock some faces.
I'd go to Saltheril's Haven and have a few drinks. Getting supplies for the pampered little brats there was one of my very first quests I did when I joined WoW last summer (2018)
Get drunk and pass out while trying to heal a dungeon.
Turn off WoW and play a Good Old Game that wasn't butchered by the devs.
I would say the barrens because chat there use to be fun but the barrens isn't really the barrens anymore.

I would say I would hit up AV because it was so epic but they ruined that with the timers.

I would say tarren mill and south shore but again it's not the same without the rivalry between tarren mill and southshore.

There's ghostlands still so when I am missing BC (my original accnt) I go make a belf but I can't really stand to play them for too long anymore.

Sometimes I'll go make a spacegoat to play in those areas too.

BC is what holds those special feels for me because that was my first time ever playing an mmorpg so it was new and exciting. It's hard to recapture that all these years later when all my friends have gone. I have become a soloist , I have changed and the game has changed.
Nice answers.

As for me I'd stroll around Eversong Woods and Ghostlands. I leveled so many characters through there in BC/wrath. They've remained unchanged for the most part so the nostalgia is still in tact.
Mulgore and Barrens

My first character was a Tauren shaman. I still have very fond memories of my first week or so - seeing level 30+ players on flight paths! Woah!

That jog from Taurajo to Crossroads took forever.

Great times.
I go to the valley of the four winds and hang out at the farm if the character partook in it.
Roll a Tauren and go through the starting zone. First toon I ever rolled was a Tauren Druid. Second was a NE hunter so I sometimes roll one of them as well and just do the starter zone :)
I do random things each time. It also depends on which avatar I choose from my menu. If my rogue, I will probably just go into a bg or raids. If it is my healer or tank, I will probably just hit the dungeons or raids. I will sometimes just go farming for herbs, leather, and so on for my characters to level up their sad professions. It is a random thing for me, since I do not play the game very much.
Eversong Woods. Pretty much anywhere.

*Tosses OP an apple*
Go run around grizzly hills, go hang out in goldshire, go to the NE starting area, blades edge mountains and netherstorm and of course Iron Forge.

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