You log onto wow and want to get nostalgic

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Stand around Shattrath.
Fly around Outland Nagrand.
Fly around Howling Fjord.
Fly or sit around the starter zones for characters.

Those are what I usually do.
Fly around Northrend. Used to do that a lot during wrath.
Eversong Woods and Ghostlands.
Visiting these two areas brings me back to when I first started leveling a Blood Elf when the Burning Crusade expansion just started and everything was new.
Good times.
Teldrassil music. I actually started, and played for years as horde. But for some reason the Nelf music gives me so much more Nostalgia than anything related to Durotar (My first toon was a troll rogue.)
Karazhan! We used to do a weekly clear, it was a great time. I played a druid tank and was the main tank, even though most thought that you needed a shield to main tank haha

But I had a sexy weapon Earthwarden from the Cenarion Expedition and back then it had armor on it, which was 300x once you went into bear form.

I was armor capped and had a boat load of health points. Good times!
Run from Stormwind to Shadowfang Keep as a level 20. First time I did it was when I started in Cataclysm. I got burned alive by Deathwing twice during that run.

So yeah, I've been meaning to do that run again, but it wouldn't be the same since Deathwing is no long out and about roasting random zones.
I go back to where it all started. My mums basement!
I wait for Classic.
I usually do something that has no real purpose other than to do it.

On my first character (a lock) back in 2005, I jumped into the ocean off the coast of Westfall with the intent of swimming around the continent just to see if I could. I think I was level 20 or so.

I made it to the coast of Swamp of Sorrows before I accidentally aggro’d a shark and got killed.

Or if I’m on a time crunch, fly to Lakeshire and sit on the dock.
night elf starting zone. first character was a NE druid in wrath, mostly due to WC3.
Go kill that bastard Hogger.

Hogger: Oh hey! Look who it is. It's Chibisue. Wow... long time no see. Look at you, all level 120 and decked out in purple gear. Yup. I always told people when I first met you, "that Chibisue... she... she's going places, just you wait and see." Yup, that's what I always told them. Look at you. Wow... just... boy oh boy you really... NOT THE FACE!!! NOT THE FACE!!!!
duskwood, mor'ladiim beating that guy when he was a super rare with my brother was the best of my starting experience still have the old school two hander from that quest (been here a long time)
Run through ICC or SoO, hop on my Ret and go do some BGs.
Feralas gives me a lot of nostalgia feels (what with Dire Maul being there), so sometimes I'll go there and just listen to the zone music, enjoy the greenery, pat some of the wildlife, etc.

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I wait for Classic.

I can't wait =D To see Feathermoon Stronghold standing again will be fantastic! And old Thousand Needles! I'm so excited!
For me it is boarding onto the Stormwind ship to Northrend and hearing the music change.

That music starts playing and it just makes me smile. :)
Winterspring. Specifically Frostsaber Rock. Many days spent camping for the rare cats and raising my Winterspring cub into the mount.
11/08/2018 06:55 PMPosted by Mistblossom
Winterspring. Specifically Frostsaber Rock. Many days spent camping for the rare cats and raising my Winterspring cub into the mount.

Can you still get one of those? I got halfway on my rogue and gave up.

Haven't been through Feralas, or Dire Maul in yrs, ashenvale either,
I like to, once every few months, take a ground mount run from one end of the continent to the other. Booty Bay to Silvermoon is a fun one. Just run through it, take it all in- it's not the same since Cata, of course, but it's something of a similar feeling.

Though if I REALLY want to feel nostalgic, it's not in-game- I go to Youtube and give good ol' Big Blue Dress a listen.

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