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Looking for raiding guild. That raids on the weekends, there are 3 of us, that I would like to bring with me. I am 350 Outlaw rogue, other 2 are Afflic Lock and Feral/resto Druid. All 3 of us have been playing since Vanilla, and are very good players. Just looking for right guild fit, we are fun, friendly, and adults.
Hey man we aren't on darkspear but we'd love to entertain your group if I times work for you. Since cross-realm rating is a thing you can easily try us out before deciding if you'd like to transfer.

We raid Fridays at 7pm PST/server (10pm EST) and Sundays at 3pm PST/server (6pm EST) for 3 hours each.


If you're interested I'm Kyatastrophe#6666 on Discord

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