(A) 370 prot pally lf m+ and prog raiding

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Pally tank looking for raiding guild and a solid m+ team. Preferably one and the same.
I’m 5/8 heroic because I’ve basically done no raiding this xpac, most of my gear is from m+
io is currently 865

I raided heavily through wotlk & cata and took about 4 years off the game. I’d like to find a solid prog raiding guild doing 8+ hours a week and clearing content.

Me as a raider:
On time 90+% attendance and if I can’t make a raid, you’ll know at least a week in advance. Flasks, pots, food and enchants are all a given. I watch boss guides ahead of raid. Working mic and willing/able to use it as appropriate.

Availability is 6-1030svt (+10gmt)

DM me on discord for a chat. Happy to trial and I’m not in a rush.
The Last Watch | 4/8M | We're Recruiting 1x Range (Pref Warlock) for Fetid Prog. High demand on Tank and Healers for M+++ (Provide Logs.) Wed|Thurs|Monday 8-11 pm SvT All Solid Casual Raiders Are considered for M++ and Heroic 8/8H run :) Btag : Sslayy#1148
Hey mate, if you're still looking for a raid team, my team is 3/8M on Barthilas-Horde, and we have quite a few people over 1k io score. we have two teams, a mythic team thats 3/8M (as mentioned above), and a heroic team that is 8/8H, with different times/days per team, if raiding either casually or progressively also interests you also. if you're interested, my btag is Sovereigne#11990, add me and we can talk further :)
Ice Cream Truck 4/8M

Weds Thurs Sun 9pm-12 SVT, Frostmourne Alliance.

Trusty Patches - OC Frostmourne

Currently 2/8M 8/8H 8/8N looking for full time tanks to fill our roster for Heroic Clears and Mythic Progression. Currently raid 2 nights a week: Wednesday 06:30pm - 09:30pm Server Time; and Sunday 06:00pm - 09:00pm Server Time.

Don't have a set Mythic Plus group but do have a lot of guildies who run keys throughout the week.

Happy to take people with no experience with the ability to pick up mechanics and can play their class/es.

Your Discord tag isn't working for some reason (I might be doing it wrong) but my Battle Tag is JustPria#1754.

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