Leech Poison and World PVP.

War Mode and World PvP
Why exactly should one class have such an advantage in the open world? Rogue sustain, utility, and damage is fine without them FoKing a critter or low level NPC in an alliance town and healing to full with sharpened blade on them. This is nothing but an enormous oversight with no justification. At least warriors have to kill a target granting honor or experience before healing for far less and it's their only heal. Leech should not have any effect vs trivial targets.

And yes I'm aware that there's a 0.001% chance I'll receive leech on one piece of gear per decade, demon hunters have conditional leech, and an azerite trait gives around 50 leech. None of that even begins to make up for this. The expansion was heralded by Blizzard as the return of World PVP, so I think the least they could do is pretend they even considered it.

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