BARTH Balance druid/warrior 340il LG guild.

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hey Im Rab, i have played wow on and off for 14 years, came back to wow 2 weeks ago. I've had a year off of wow and played PUBG Invitational, cyber gamer etc.

Last time i played Warcraft I was in a top 10 US guild pushing for Rank 1 US but we never made it. I learn content fast and will do the required content research to join a quality AUS guild (or work it out wipe after wipe on fresh content). This post is probably a bit premature because of my low item level but wanted to see if there are any guilds out there looking.

I work 3x12hr shifts a week and can be online before 7pm on the days i work (its a rotating roster.) Online the other 4 days no problem.

Since this BFA patch is roll face on keyboard kinda rotations i dont really know what to say about skill level. I can move out of the puddles n !@#$ n dodge stuff etc you know :D?

340 warrior as well if thats of better use. (My original main 2004)

Please feel free to come have a chat.
Thanks Rab.
Hey Rab,
benz frenz might be the place for you, were looking for puddle dodgers to join us to progress in mythic. We raid Thursdays/Sundays 730-1030 ST on Barthilas Horde :)
We dont mind about the item level. We're all running m+ and have heroic on farm and are also always looking for an excuse to help eachother out.
Hotmilky#1257 if youre interested, hit me up!
Hey mate, if you're still looking for a raid team, my guild is 4/8M on Barthilas-Horde, however we also have a Heroic team that is 8/8H and just full clears heroic each week, as well as clearing 2/8M via a guild open run that i run. they raid mon/wed 8.30-10.30pm server time. if you're interested, my btag is Sovereigne#11990, add me and we can talk further :)
Hey guys thanks for the replies, I'm away for another 2 days on holidays then I'm back and will add btag.

Hey mate,

We are looking for a DPS to join the team.

We are currently 2/8M raiding Wed/Sun 8-11pm server time.

If you want to have a chat about joining us hit me up on the btag below. We are a large active Guild, been around since Vanilla. Lots of M+ going on too.

Hey there,
Ctrl Alt Elitè (CAE) Horde on Barthilas are looking for some experienced Ranged DPS to join our progression team which is currently 5/8M

Our raid times are Wed/Thur/Sun @ 8:30pm - 11:30pm Oceanic server time

A little about us - we're a group of raiders that have the same goal in mind - progression.
We have been very active since MOP (finishing at server 1st) and WOD (top 10), however since then we took a break from the serious raid scene and just returned for this expansion.
Our aim remains the same, pushing prog to reach rank 1st if possible, however, as we're all working individuals and Life has priority - we will be happy with staying in the top 10 :)

We expect every player to understand what mythic prog truly means. We want players to understand mythic prog focused guilds are not just a guild that tries mythic raiding but actually understand there will be plenty of wipes, plenty of frustration, plenty of subbing in/out to achieve our goal of killing bosses at competitive pace in the realm.

I understand you are coming back fresh and would need a little gearing and we have a healthy M+ community to help with that
If interested, please contact Priom#11710, zylaura#1178 or Antupaku#1326 for a quick chat!
<Tested on Animals> is a 3 day a week raiding guild that calls Barthilas its home. We are recruiting all forms of reliable dps to fill up a consistent mythic prog roster.

As a guild we have been punching bosses since march 2017. Previously we were casual but with the release of BfA we have changed our focus to mythic. Currently we have cleared heroic and are sitting at 2/8 mythic.
We don't mind having a laugh on farm bosses, but know that getting serious for prog fights is a must.

Our current roster is:
Mythic prog - Wed/Monday 7:30 - 10:30 SVT
Heroic farm - Sun 7:30 - 10pm SVT

What we are looking for:
* Ability to meet an attendance of 90%
* General raid and mechanic awareness
* Knowledge of fights
* Initiative to research and optimise your toon/s
* Positive attitude with a wicked sense of humour

For more info add one of us:
Applejellie#1334 - GM
Alata#1400 - Officer/Raid Lead
Power#1548 - Recruitment

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