So, who else hates trolls (the race)?

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11/12/2018 08:55 AMPosted by Junò
Big voodoo energy

Powerful mojo.
11/12/2018 08:17 AMPosted by Averyx
It might come as a surprise to you, but I am actually not fond of the troll race.

Worst species in Warcraft. Ugly, smelly, keep spawning like maggots and bothering any random part of the world until they get decimated yet again.

Their stuff is ugly, and their accent is the worst, as it's not even real jamaican accent but it's actually a weird mix, you don't understand half the stuff they say and the other half just sounds dumb.

Their architecture sucks as well and they ruin dinosaurs by attaching tacky stuff onto them.

Well, they are just the worst. Who else hates them?

Of course the troll accent isn't a real Jamaican accent; Azeroth's trolls are not Jamaicans. Nor are the dwarves Scottish. Nor the velves English. Etc.

I will concede that male trolls are ugly, but then the only playable males in this game that aren't just plain hideous are the belves.
I like trolls, but the only reason I haven't rolled one is that I don't like how their feet look in some armor classes, namely plate. Their accents get a pass because let's be honest... most of the accents in this game are horrendous: goblin's Yankee, worgen's British, draenei's Slavic, blood elf's New England posh, troll's Jamaican/Haitian, etc.

Also, I'm not fond of their love of halitosis. Ew.
My hatred is reserved for the one race that truly deserves it and needs to be wiped out of the planet like the blight upon the world they are... Blood Elves!
Im just glad for the planets sake since the first inhabitants was Tauren and not trolls the planet may survive
I always enjoyed the trolls in Warcraft II. Zul' Jin was really cool and I found the lore of the race in the manual really interesting. I guess the forest trolls are my favorites since I've never been too interested in the other tribes.

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