3/8M Continuity LF Heal & Range DPS

Guild Recruitment
Continuity is LF a healer & range dps for our mythic raid team (375 ilvl preferred)

Raid times are Wed & Sun from 7-10pm PST

We also have an open Heroic raid on Tues 7-10pm PST for more casual players that want to experience heroic raid content (350 ilvl req).

Feel free to in game mail me or add me on discord Mal#9192

-Mal (GM)
Bump - Could also use a few good ranged DPS with the exception of hunters.

Shoot me a pst in game or hit me up on Discord as well if you have questions @Jag#5449
Preferred range would be a mage or ele shaman :)

We currently have 2 hunters, 2 balance druids and 2 warlocks
<Almost Heroes>
Region: US
Server: Area-52
Faction: Horde
Raid times: Sun/Mon 9:00pm-1:00am CST
Raid Progression: 8/8H 4/8M

About: <Almost Heroes> is a two day raid guild with a core group that’s been raiding since MoP. Being a two-day raid guild, we believe in pushing content at a steady pace that is comfortable but still competitive. During raid time our officer team works swiftly to create solutions to problems before they become bigger problems, to maximize our efficiency. Outside of this however, our raids are filled with laughter, jokes, we come together and form a big dysfunctional family.
Our mythic roster currently holds a few stand-ins while we fill our final spots for our push forward. Mythic+ experience always welcomed as we try to push everyone a max key weekly. Please note we do not recruit for the bench.

Applications please visit https://almost-heroes.enjin.com/#
Recruitment contact:
Arcon#1815 (B-net) or Arcon#8375 (Discord) - for any questions!
11/14/2018 01:09 AMPosted by Arconus
<Almost Heroes>
Region: US
Server: Area-52
Faction: Horde


Nice way to jump on another guilds recruitment and not even the same server. Stay classy...

And thanks for the bump

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