Everyday there's a Sylvanas Topic

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Delusional if you think Blizzard will get rid of her most popular relevant character right now.

Long live to the Banshee Queen
Everyday there's a Sylvanas Topic
And we have a boat according to one of them. Do you wanna go fishing with me?
I look forward to feasting on your tears soon.
It's usually just the latest thread bumped for weeks. She's the main character ATM same happened with Illidan in Legion, Yrel in WoD and Garrosh in MoP.
They won't, they'll lightforge her and all undead to do a 180 and make saurfangs horde a thing while having a new radiant undead theme. If you dont want a dead racial leader you'll get turned into Mary Sue's. That's the way of it.

Was a good ride for undead while you lasted. I'll enjoy the edgy portion of the community having an aneurism.

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