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11/13/2018 11:17 AMPosted by Kanderas
Its still here.

Hmm. Thought today was Monday (had a holiday yesterday) and about to post funny things about people being all dramatic on Sunday, a day early.

But it's Tuesday and everything looks the same. What happened? Upgrade broke'd?
Old fourms are still up .... I guess Blizzard changed their minds.

In any case nice to see everyone is still here!!!

It's right next to F. Whatever, what's important is Us. We'll still be here whatever Blizz does to the Forums.
They are making new forums cuz they want to limit the blacklash that they are getting since announcing bfa and Diablo immortal .it is another way to silence opponents and critics but they forget that people have reddit as well as the option of unsubscribing the game .or even better not buying the game at all

Recquiescat in Pace (rest in peace)

I didn't even know this was happening. What the F?
I was starting to think I read the times and dates wrong.

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