Any way to make Draenor less painful?

In order to unlock flying in Draenor, a lot of achievements had to be done. Treasures were easy using Handynotes and Draenor treasure. Reps were easy, most mobs can be one-shot. Exploration were done while farming treasures. The only thing left are the quests. I sort of skipped Draenor early on because it put me to sleep and I put my $15 a month somewhere else instead.

I've tried when I leveled new alts through but ended up doing dungeon via LFG panel for most of the leveling and did maybe 20 or 30 Draenor quests total.

I really want to unlock flying so I can more quickly farm rares for the missing pets, toys, mounts, and xmog items, and if needed, mats (ore, herb, etc). If there any easier way to get this Loremaster achievement taken care of? Maybe a $50 payment to instantly unlock Draenor flying?

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