Would You Accept Artifacts Back

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In a heart beat.
Loving some of the comments. Hell no, why would I want another grind mechanic in game? At least the artifact weapons had great lore, story behind them. Unlike some stupid necklace you never heard of lol. Next expansion grinding whatever, for those boots, or gloves with no lore will be so much better lol. It will feel like shopping at a nike, or sketchers outlet store.
Oh heavens yes... the silly heart of that annoying little carbon dorf's girlfriend was a huge step down.

(cookies for all!)
To be completely honest I don't even about how my weapon looks. The main issue now is that it takes up a spot in my bank and there is nothing I can do about it. I can't delete it or sell it. The same applies to the legendaries. If you're going to keep this how about making them BoA so I can at least mail them to alts.
Yes because I want to go back to the "un-pruned" state.
11/14/2018 11:34 AMPosted by Shadøw
If you could customize it? Not just the color scheme, but change how a blade or hilt looks. It can also change from a sword to mace.

I'd keep using the same weapon transmog I'm using now. The only change I'd want is the ability to mog maces and axes over fist weapons.
I disliked the idea of only one weapon forever initially but once I had it I loved it. Legion overall felt nice, even if RNGaries were a bit annoying at first. Going into BFA and not having the best drops ever with some weapons, its a bit annoying. The Azerite neck does not make me feel good like the Legion weapon did, makes the game feel worse.
I think artifacts needed to be deprecated, but I think the way they did it was poorly handled. If they bring them back for a future expansion is some way I'd be cool with it if it was relevant to the story.
I just want my Chaos Portal (Dimensional Rift) spell back. Please.
Would love my artifact ability back please and thank you. Was so nice to do massive aoe damage with a click of a button. I know, we have fel barrage now, but I miss the glaive animation.
Artifacts was a really good system from Legion, maybe a little on the grindy side for AP before they tweaked it. But the system overall was great.

It was the RNG leggo system that sucked in Legion.
Despite the grind to power them up Artifact weapons were, in my opinion, one of the best additions to WoW. They added class identity, new skills, allowed for less cumbersome transitions between specs, and just overall were fun.

I plan to keep all of mine across my characters, pulling them out occasionally and sighing wistfully.
11/15/2018 06:54 AMPosted by Dezastre
I plan to keep all of mine across my characters, pulling them out occasionally and sighing wistfully.

Same. Mine are sitting in the first 3 segments of my bank. /sigh
Yes, and I would like to play legion again. BFA has me rolling Alliance just for something to do. I hope 8.1 is fun.
Take my artifact weapons blizzard. Give them all to magni to safeguard that sword.
11/14/2018 01:59 PMPosted by Orctang
We should have never lost them.

Agreed, they could have found a way to empower them for the next expansions, and just kept them, they should have left the classes alone too. I don't get this huge ilevel squish to just build it back up really high again.

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