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I pvp'd on my mage, and lost a bunch of matches, spent a lot of time running from blood elf demon hunters. Good news, I don't think any of them killed me, so it was a great day.
My day was wonderful, thank you! I have a great deal of entertainment dancing at the villa beside Boralus, then enjoyed a meal at one of the taverns in Stormwind, and finished the evening off by killing horde trying to quest at Zandalar. Their spirits would sit near their corpses for a bit, making sure I left, then spawn in.. only for me to unstealth and get them again!

A lovely time, truly.
11/14/2018 04:59 PMPosted by Swiftraven
How was your Alliance day?

"but you're Horde, why are you asking this?" you might wonder, but no worries, because I identify as a gnome

A gnome you say?

Hold still, I've got some anthra- I mean... a plate of cookies to share with you.

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