BrM LFG [H]Illidan for M+/Casual raiding

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Hi All,

I'm currently raiding in a mythic guild on my main and am 4/8M working on Fetid. My main is a dps and I have been having a hard time joining groups to push my .io score, so I made a monk on Horde to do stuff with.

I'm not looking to replace my current raid team, so I can't raid Tues / Thursday. I'm mostly looking for a group to do Heroic raiding and maybe mythic if the times are right, but my primary focus on this character is M+'s.

I'm currently on Illidan, and I'm not really looking to change that. I just hit 120 yesterday and I'm at 338 ilvl atm. I'm working on improving that, I'm hoping by Saturday to be around 350-360 if I can get some luck from M+'s and Normal Uldir.

I have tanked before, but never super seriously. In Legion I got AOTC in every raid tanking or healing, but in Mythic raids I've always been dps. As a dps I've times 22's in 7.3.2 and had a few 23's that should have been timed if people didn't get one shot, but that's the name of the game at those key levels so no big deal.

As my main is alliance, I do not have KR and SoB unlocked yet, and I will be working on unlocking those. Also my HoA is 30 ilvls behind because I am just friendly.

If you have any further questions for me, please let me know.

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