What could they Announce at Blizzcon to get you Back?

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WoW 2 built in the image of WoW:Classic™, there is so much that needs a revamp that won't get done within the current game
Why do people continually make empty threats to unsub from a free to play game?

I haven't paid for WoW since wow tokens were released, nothing would really make me unsub because I have hundreds of dollars in saved Blizzard credit and nothing else to really spend it on.
The rep gating of the allied races. So disappointed that i have to grind to exalted to play a DI or Mag'har Orc. Just not fun for me. I will stay subbed for stuff that interests me. Right now I"m just disinterested. I know others enjoy it and that's fine I just don't.
10/07/2018 01:42 PMPosted by Kyrgiakos
Sylvanas survives.
Glyphs are coming back (real glyphs...)
More talent rows.

this but throw in a level squish
Another Turtle making it to the water.
A new dev team that can take criticism and listen to it's player base.
I'm not unsubbing...I enjoy many aspects of the game, but to me it's basically a chat program that I can play with while speaking to family...

But how about a new world boss in the barens...

A Chuck Norris world boss...but everyone would die, because you know...Chuck Norris...but still, maybe just a Chuck Norris azerite pseudo minion world boss that kills all but 10% of the raid when his health goes to zero, then he feels pity and stops attacking and gives loot.
10/07/2018 01:16 PMPosted by Adamsmith
Bringing wow to the Nintendo switch.

LOL’d. That’s pretty hilarious - good one if meant sarcastically.
sethrakk would win my undying loyalty, not that I'm itching to leave or anything atm
An actual good diablo game
I'm not unsubbed and I won't be anytime soon however I do want to see some small things:

-Solo que for RBGs. Yolo groups only go so far and its a huge shift when a yolo group plays a guild group. There should be a solo system when others who solo rbgs go.
-a bigger punishment for those who leave mythic + or RBG groups.
-better lore, I get blizzard loves sylvannas now but holy cow some of the lore feels misplaced, not even just the upcoming lore, but also void elf lore...wtf.
-mission tables need work. I had a mission that was 6days 16 hours and it only gave 200 and some artifact power????
New class changes.
Next expansion in a year.
Shorter respawn times on old world bosses (at least Sha only spawns in one location now, but uuuugh) would be nice, but that doesn't seem like something that'd get announced at BlizzCon; more likely that'd just get slipped into a patch or hotfix somewhere without any sort of announcement.

More customization options for existing races is something I COULD see being announced at BlizzCon—dwarves are still missing their orange-red hair that was the "default" colour on the old models, for one. New shirts is something they could slip into the announcements as well (the way they did when they announced account-wide transmog and there was a shirt tab). I tend to get real excited for the small things that they don't focus on.

I'd still really like to see them axe the notion of "pure dps" classes and find ways to get rogues, mages, hunters, and warlocks either a tanking or healing spec each (WITHOUT removing their existing options—don't you EVER pull a Survival again, Blizzard, or I swear to everything that exists everywhere I will be SO disappointed in you!) and I could see that being announced at a BlizzCon, but that also seems like something that would be a 9.0 feature, not a 8.2-8.4 feature so it also seems a little too early to announce.
Hard to say. Content only lasts so long and this expansion is crap. I really don't want to play this game in it's current state so more stuff to do isn't really appealing. Like I said hard to say. They really messed up this time.
I want some of my spells to come back. ;_;

More than anything I'd like Ret to be a little more...something? I don't know. Somewhat more buttons to press. What was wrong with Art of War > Exorcism?

I'm fairly satisfied with Holy and Prot.
10/07/2018 01:13 PMPosted by Maldazzar
Everybody's mad at something these days. Myself included.

My sub runs out in 14 days. I'm really only logging in to take advantage of cooldowns to ease my slide back in when new content ships.

Aside from the announcement of an incredibly quick release on 8.1, little is gonna get me to resub right away.

But what about you guys? What would make you resub in an instant?

San'layn or I'm out.

It's not in protest or anything, it's just that I was hyped for San'layn being an allied race and nothing else with BFA despite knowing that it wasn't official and might not happen at all. Without San'layn I just can't find anything I enjoy in BFA and playing my ideal fantasy character would've helped with that. I'd at least PvP. San'layn being relevant would also make me care about what's happening in WoW again, which kept me playing through even WoD
"We apologise to the Oceanic community for the year and a half of silence and wish to announce that as of tomorrow , you will revert to your own night and day cycle"
10/07/2018 01:20 PMPosted by Kazrien
A new writing team, maybe?

To each their own but when discussing how to bring people back i kinda get frustrated when people say the writing. I first of all think people beat up on the writing overly harshly but aside from that i care far more about available content....how classes play...ridiculous "rules" to earn things etc....of course i mean over use of rep grinds to unlock things.

The writing itself might make number 10 in my top 10 list of things to change in wow. Hardly a top tier concern.
10/07/2018 01:20 PMPosted by Kazrien
A new writing team, maybe?

Hey. I just want to say you did a fantastic job on the Drustvar storyline. Some of your best work to date. Oh. And you're fired.

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