Non-toxic guild for learning, casual play

Muradin and Nordrassil
We originally created <Solus Ipse> as a guild of folks who preferred to solo the majority of the content while providing people who were happy to help out when additional manpower was needed. We would like to expand the guild as a place where people can casually learn all aspects of the game without a lot of the toxicity that exists in the pickup groups nowadays.

We can offer help when and where needed. A casual, kind, and undemanding atmosphere for people who would like a friends and family type of guild but have neither friends or family that currently play the game. We do not expect you to progress at any arbitrary rate or require you to commit any time for anything you are not interested in.

We expect and require our members to be courteous to each other and treat each other as you would expect to be treated. We want people to feel free to learn their role in a group setting without the fear of reprisal that often happens when mistakes are made in group content. We don’t verbally abuse each other or conduct ourselves in guild chat in any way that wouldn’t be ok for a 13 year old to participate. Our leadership is mature, but helpful.

While this is a great guild for new people, solo players, and folks just looking for a laid back, easy going guild of friendly individuals, it probably isn’t for everyone. If you are looking to do current content raiding, we won’t be there for quite a while. If you need a stringent schedule of group content, that’s not us either.

But if you’d like to try out an easy going guild with no strings attached, whisper Cofi - Nordrassil or Meiu - Muradin and we’d be happy to have you give our group a try.

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