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<smile happy fun club> is a new casual raiding guild on Barthilas consisting of a group of irl friends looking to start raiding in Battle for Azeroth.
Ideally looking for people who haven't really raided in a guild before and are looking to make the next step, but will take on anyone with a interest to get into raiding.

Our timeline for content progession is to get a group together to clear normal as well as push heroic with a long term goal of achieveing AotC.

We are looking for a following roles to fill:
1x Tank
2x Healers

For all messages of interest, please message myself at Spiriti#1391.
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What are the raid times and days ?
10/10/2018 02:48 PMPosted by Kiandorin
What are the raid times and days ?

At the moment, we are looking at Friday 7pm-10pm ST, eventually adding a second day once we are settled with a raid team :)
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