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Guild Recruitment
<Super Murder Friends> [Area 52 - Horde] is currently recruiting exceptional players for Heroic progression and, inevitably, pushing into Mythic. We have experience clearing 8/8N and 7/8H, but with a lot of pugs. We are working towards a consistent raid group so we can avoid wasting time looking for pugs and focus on destroying raid bosses.

Our current core roster have all been playing since at least TBC, and have raid experience spanning most expansions. Most of us are in the 27-30 range, but we are open to anyone 18+.

Our schedule is as follows:
Tuesday 8:00pm - 12:00am EDT
Wednesday 8:00pm - 12:00am EDT
Some of us are online most other nights doing M+ runs or other shenanigans.

We are currently looking for applicants in all roles. All positions are currently core positions. We don't have a bench. Haven't even gone bench shopping.

If you are interested, or have any additional questions, please reach out to me on Discord.
We are planning a Heroic Uldir for 8:00 tonight; it's the perfect time to try us out!
6/8 last night. Lost a lot of time to people dropping between bosses, despite 1shotting everything before Zul. Pug life.

This is why we are recruiting a core raid team!
Edited OP to reflect final raid schedule.
H Uldir (Zul through G'huun) tonight. Great time to trial!

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