[H] 5/8H Dark Sun Cabal LF mage, lock, shaman

Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, and The Venture Co
<Dark Sun Cabal> is currently recruiting a mage, a warlock and a healer/DPS shaman for our BFA social progression raid team (Uldir 5/8H, 8/8N). We raid on Thursday from 9 PM (CST) to 12 AM (CST) and Sunday from 8 PM (CST) to 11 PM (CST).

Our current active roster hovers between 20-25 people so we want to recruit the BEST players possible to make mythic progression a reality when we get to that point. We would prefer to recruit players with appropriate ilevel gear and experience for the current tier of progression, but we WILL work with you if you are close to the appropriate ilevel.

We WILL accept server transfers and allow you to complete your two-week raiding trial period prior to joining the guild and transferring to Lightninghoof. Ultimately, you must have a good attitude, be dedicated to staying with us for the long haul, have and use Discord, and download any required raiding add-ons such as DBM and GTFO. During progression, in addition to our normal two-night schedule, we will also raid on Saturdays from 8 PM (CST) to 11 PM (CST).

FOR ALL RAIDERS: You must have Discord with the ability to at a minimum hear the raid leader (having a working mic is also helpful) and a good attitude. We are a tight-knit group of friends; we are a family; we don't want to play with meanies. Also, don't consistently stand in the fire. Elitists are welcome but only if you can back it up and don't make everyone else feel bad for not being at your level.

Please be fully gemmed and enchanted when applying for the raid team. If asked to try out, please come prepared with flasks, pots, and food as well as knowledge of current tier boss mechanics. If accepted, food and flasks will be provided by the guild. If offered a raid spot, guild membership is MANDATORY for group cohesion and ease of communication.

If interested in joining, please contact Bodua, Mawks (Mawks#1786) or Tatianah (Tatianah#1720) in-game.

Thank you for your interest in Dark Sun Cabal and we look forward to meeting you!

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