Why do you play the race(s) that you do?

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I like smart races. BE's seem very smart to me.
The first PC game I ever owned was Baldur's Gate and the first time I ever beat it was as a gnome. Now I always play a gnome whenever a game gives me the option.
Worgen are the next coolest race to High Elves, and Blizzard has been giving me figurative blue balls there (is that the Void Elf theme?) since 2003, so that's who I play.

Draenei are also cool for alts.
It was the only Horde race that could be a paladin at the time, and I didn't wanna be ugly.

Draenei and Nelf, but mostly Draenei mostly for their ears, hooves and horns. I don't like characters that look like humans, I tried Gnome because the races I mentioned them don't have Warlock Class.
Because it's a troll, we love trolls.
I rolled a Worgen because they're werewolves; big, strong, fierce, powerful apex predators. To me that's way more exciting than your ordinary run-of-the-mill human or elf.
despite "human potential" being a generally looked down upon fantasy trope, I actually enjoy it, that's why I mainly play humans.
Eh, not into the ethereal female look. Why couldn't they give the Elven races the same model as some of the female dragons' humanoid form? :(
What is more adorable than a Panda?

If Pandas could be a Warlocks or Demon Hunters I'd never play another race.
Undead are badass. I still remember their launch on Friends and Family. The story and then getting reborn in the crypt. There were other undead players rocking out with their old dance animation as you started. So many were so excited. I won’t ever forget it. The other races didn’t seem to have such an entrance. The majority of my characters are undead. I just wish I could make them more dead...like bones and skulls instead of emaciated Blue Man Group.
100% looks
Because gnomes are so cute and I love short races. Most of my characters are goblins, but I decided I wanted to try playing on the alliance side so I ultimately decided on a gnome.
Looks and class choice primarily for me
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I rolled a Worgen because they're werewolves; big, strong, fierce, powerful apex predators. To me that's way more exciting than your ordinary run-of-the-mill human or elf.

My puppah
I chose Tauren because I wanted to play Druid when I started playing again for BfA. I love the idea of gentle giants, so I may make a shaman next.

When I first played WoW back in 2010, I was a Troll because they have Caribbean accents like me. Waiting semi-patiently to be able to unlock Zandalari Trolls (really loved playing patch 4.1)
Age of mythology I used to go by the name gargarensis. He’s a minataur. Tauren was the closest thing. Play Tauren mai to ever since
A blood elf paladin owned me in Elwyn Forest, this guy's was human, it was the first time I saw a Blood Elf, I was really, really new and didn't have the BC expansion.

Like the total nerd that i am, started googling about them and fell in love with their culture also helped the fact that an ex guild leader was harrasing me on the Alliance side and I had just bought TBC and Wrath so i faction changed and at the time only blood elves could be paladins so... Here I am.

Tauren, hated them but they were the only race that could be druids and after 50 levels I started loving the big gentle cow.

Trolls: on males I hate their posture and hate the fact that the gear fits them really well but their feet... Ew. Females are really good but hate the way they run, they run like ducks and their feet.

Undead: love their animations on both female and males but hate the way the armor looks on them.

Orcs: TBH I don't know although I race changed my warrior to one, haven't played him that much though.

Goblins: too small.

Nightborne: I really wanted one but we got scammed.

Pandaren: eh... Not my cup of tea.

On the Alliance side from the original races I only love dwarves.
Because only two races can be demon hunters and I had more Alliance resources on this realm. Although I did create a blood elf demon hunter and then realm transfer it here too.

Prior to the demon hunters, I was a dwarf warrior since MOP because beards.

Prior to my dwarf, I was a space goat shaman since TBC because I loved the lore behind them. I will need to level up to 120 soon.

Prior to the dwarf I was a human warrior basically because of the jokes. Still my favorite /silly.
I'm the world tallest gnome, and i just love to tinker

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