[H][OC] Barthilas <Urban Raiders> 6/8H

<Urban Raiders> is a Heroic focused guild looking to bolster our numbers for BFA.
We are aiming to clear Heroic content throughout BFA and are looking for dedicated and skilled people to help us achieve that goal.
Raid times are Wed/Thurs/Sun at 2030 ST.

We are looking for players who:

- Able to raid at the times listed above for your time zone.
- Able to attend 80% of raids at a minimum. (If you cannot, as much notice as possible is appreciated)
- Open to taking constructive criticism while maintaining a positive mindset.
- Willing to improve and better themselves as players, this includes using sims, guides and going over your logs.

Currently Seeking (4/10/18)

In order of importance:
Healers: Holy Paladin/MW Monk/Resto Druid/Holy Priest
Ranged DPS: Mage/Boomkin/Hunter/Warlock
Melee DPS: WW Monk/Rogue/Feral Druid

We value consistency, dedication and attitude, we aim to progress through BFA but also enjoy ourselves doing so.
If you think you would fit in with us, contact one of the officers below:

Rumjunkie#1207 - Rummyboy in game (Officer)
Protejay#11340 - Protesaurus in game (Officer)
Slayer#6404 - Deftnight in game (GM)

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