Enhancement shaman - real problems

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It's shocking that Blizzard devs and designers cannot see the real problems in Enancement's design.

To begin with Enahancement shaman was always SUPPORT CLASS (yes SUPPORT CLASS). The fact that latest PvP nerfs made it another mongo meele just focused on damage is just disgusting. Shamans overall were always taken to their teams because of their great utility - dispels, heals, tremor, grounding.

Currently Enhancement offers only unhealable damage because of mana regen nerf using purge or heals is risky and not worth. Why would you purge any hots if you can outdamage them.

Another problem are 3 PvP talents - Static Cling, Ride the Lightning and Forked Lightning. These talents makes you deal insane damage and what's more with just 1 single button. It's such great design to make 1 button deal more than 70% of your damage. On the other hand Enhancement's damage in PvE is crap. Simple fix - nerf these talents - compensate with overall damage + nerf enha damage more in PvP and revert mana regen nerf. Enh won't use heals anyway as they don't heal at all but at least it will be worth to use their purges and grounding.

Enha offhealing - I feel that after Maelstrom change enhancement's offhealing is just broken. It's either op (before the nerf) or useless (Legion and now). Before Legion your healing was ok because it was significant but on "CD". To use it you had to gather 5 Maelstrom stacks. Now if you have Maelstrom you can spam it what's not healthy for the game. Imo enha's healing might be buffed but then it needs internal cooldown for instant heals.

The last issue is maelstrom generation and spending. Procs costing no maelstrom are just badly designed. There are moments when you have no Maelstrom to use spells or you have full bar and then you have free procs and nothing to spend Maelstrom on. Bring back Legion design - overall make Stormstrike cost less but make procs cost 50% of normal stormstrike not 0. Issue fixed.
I don't think my damage in PvE is Garbage its just a bit more intuitive to do good damage compared to other classes. You can check my heroic logs and I do pretty well.
Mythic raiding is a different story because there is alot more mechanics to deal with and if you are not hitting the boss you are not getting procs and in turn not doing damage. You have to be smarter about using cooldowns and positioning.

I do not PvP as enhance but I do agree that having all our damage on one button is a little silly.

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