[A] 349 H Pally LF Raiding guild

1. Times available & time zone: Weekends are best or after 7 PST
2. Server preference: KT is my spot, i would consider moving if the offer clicked
3. Faction preference: Alliance
4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: semi
5. Current progression/experience: None
6. Recent logs (if available): None
7. Contact info: reply here or add Rolt#1122
8. Anything else: Returning player just catching up kinda got all the gear i can get without finding a guild or running pugs.

I am pretty confident in my abilities and I try my best to keep up with the latest class information, I do my job and i have good situational awareness, I don't really know the current bosses because I have only faced them in LFR and that does not count.

If you need a healer who will show up with his stuff and stay for the full raid and always give 100% than I got you, drop me a line and we can try it out.

I have a elemental shaman who has around the same gear level as this guy.
Updated some stuff, i am pretty comfortable playing my Shaman or my Paladin so whatever is needed.
Too bad we have been so full on healers. I think our guild would be a perfect fit.


I hate to ask, but also it never hurts to ask(as I would hate to miss the opportunity if it was possible). Do you have a dps spec on any of those characters you could raid as until a healing spot becomes available?
My shaman is an elemental and he just hit 350 ilvl as well, i just have the max levels.

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