[A] Small group looking for raiding guild

Kirin Tor, Sentinels, and Steamwheedle Cartel
Hi! 6 close friends of mine and myself and looking for a casual raiding guild to join together. east coast times, sometime between 7-12 pm.
Several of us have major raiding experience in past expansions and we would like to start raiding again. We have a ret pally, resto druid/hunter alt, disc priest, warlock/dk alt, fury warrior, and a resto sham. Haven't done much this expansion yet but would like to change that. We would like to push heroic content. We're a fun group looking to find new people to play with! you can look us up on raider.io by searching Pure Blood on Kirin Tor
Wonderful people, fun to hang and talk to, would recommend to anyone, as they are pretty good company and experienced people.
Certified Fresh could use a good boost of people. We raid Tues/Wed 8-11pm EST.

We got started as a half a raid group combining with another half a raid group, that wanted to ensure we get AotC before nerfs, to form a raid team.

Not sure how casual you are looking for. We want competent, but aren't pushing a hard raid schedule. We would also like to step into Mythic raiding with the expectation of getting a couple bosses down before next tier (I mean 5/8 H guilds kill Taloc).

We could use 1 healer (and a dps/heals switcher), but adding 3 healers to the team would require alot more dps.

We also have casual/alt Normal raids on Fridays as much for our altaholics not so anonymous as much as anything else.
Thank you Skafest, but unfortunately Wednesday wouldn't be a good day for us.
Hello Pandora!

Sacred Grove is recruiting new raiders. We are more on the casual side and raid Tuesday and Thursday nights 8-11 EST. Primarily we are looking for DPS classes, but depending on numbers could use an extra healer and back up healers are always welcome.

If you would like to have a peek at our website it is: http://sacredgrove.wowlaunch.com/

Feel free to message me in game with any questions!

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