Guardian Druid [SUGGESTION]

Guardian druids thematically are awesome, in terms of theme they’re my second favourite just behind Blood DK.

But I feel their kit is severely lacking, especially in m+, them and warriors are just garbage and it feels bad.

For guardian their utility talent row (typhoon, mass entanglement, single target stun[forget name]) should be baseline with having an empowered version of it for the talent choices, and perhaps having a brambles type effect on iron fur too.

I think his would do wonders for the utility for guardian Druids and solve a big problem they have with kiting in a unique way rather than just adding a generic slow thrash or something.

Share any thoughts on this, especially wanna hear from guardians that run mid-high keys frequently.
You're saying all 3 should be baseline?

I know thrash slow is "boring" but it would probably be one of the best and most reasonable solutions.

Also affinity rows need work, not being able to make use of them at all while tanking is lame.
Affinity should allow:

Resto - Rejuvenate in bear form
Balance - solar beam in bear form
Feral - infected wounds on thrash bleed
Losing the Thrash slow is my biggest loss for bear pvp in BFA i can't kite bdk's or vdh's like i did in legion...
being able to use the affinity abilities in bear form would be kinda op, I think a better solution would be we retain our armor rating when we switch forms for 5 seconds.
And Blizzard please give us back thrash slow and snare break and immunity on roar.

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