Is BfA the game's worst expansion to date?

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I enjoyed logging in during WoD farm more than I do now and I didn't drop my sub till before HFC, I don't think I will make it to the next raid tier this xpac.
10/26/2018 12:34 PMPosted by Opera
The guy has an ego the size of Russia. As I write this I realize my dislike of him is seriously intense.

Thanks for reading my essay lol, I genuinely appreciate it. Yeah, I could see that. To be fair, as ironic as it may be... the term "Elitist Jerks" was always tongue in cheek... we knew that back in its heyday.

I think it's fair to not like him, not like the current state of the game, etc. I can understand and agree with you feeling that way. I just felt like pleading the case that disagreement should be done on the basis of presenting counterpoints and whatnot, instead of just going "This guy's a _____! Fire him!" I myself may not always be 100% rooted in arguing actual points in my time on the forums, but I aspire to at the very least.

My person opinion from working in both the environments of creative and technical development - there's probably more like 5-dozen more people you would not like as much as Ion behind the scenes... Ion's just the one putting himself on camera, and generally being kind of an awkward dweeb while filtering all of the voices of those same 5-dozen people through himself. Furthermore, you'd probably like those 5-dozen people if you met them as individuals... but in this environment there is a mandate of keeping a balance of trying to, in regards to a playerbase of millions, simultaneously keep a group of people happy by changing everything while not angering the people who want nothing changed ever, and that makes those 5-dozen people build up a callused shell of disdain as no matter what they do it's never right, never good, and someone's always mad at them.
I'm sorry that you don't like it. the unrelenting negativity is very draining on me though.
WOD is forever the worst due to the selfie patch and lack of any real content while Wrath is the most over rated expansion.
No. Cata and WoD are still worse.
WoD is the worst I've ever seen, but BFA isn't leaps and bounds better. It's second in line just behind Cata.
BFA and WoD are absolutely the bottom two. I'm not someone who always thinks present WoW is bad, I enjoyed most expansions during the time I actually played them. But, right now, retail is in a disgusting and horrible state. It's hard for me to say exactly which is worse, personally. The problem is that these expansions are close, almost tied for the bottom.

The journey through WoD, to Legion, to BFA right now kind of feels like an abusive husband who beats you, then swears he'll change, actually behaves somewhat okay for a couple of years as he watches his behavior closely to keep you around, and then eventually falls right back into old habits and beats you within an inch of your life on the regular because deep down he's incapable of change.
Cata and (hugely unpopular opinion I know) MoP were worse than BFA, though BFA is definitely doing its damndest to win the title.

To clarify on MoP: It was easily the most boring experience in WoW for me. None of the zones were interesting (the differences for 3 of them were literally just different shades of green, whoo) none of the story content was interesting, the Kung Fu Panda feel was insanely out of place compared to everything else the WoW universe ever gave to us, Garrosh going suddenly from an honorbound, but overly passionate and inexperienced leader to bloodcrazed, orc obsessed madman was just a cop out for "who should the villain of the week be this time?"

But more than any of that, MoP came out of nowhere. And not in the good "hey, this is really creative, innovative thinking" but more like "We're out of ideas, anyone got any fanfic or something as equally far out of left field to pitch? Chinese furry martial artists that we just randomly conscript into our ranks? Sign me up!"

In short, MoP was the least WoW-like expansion I've ever played, and as someone who's been playing since nearly day one, it was one hell of a letdown. Great class design doesn't fix an otherwise awkward, badly written filler of an expansion.
I didn't play WoD. But so far, for me anyway, BfA is the worst.
WoD problem was lack of content, BfA is lack of enjoyable content and HORRIBLE class design. At least WoD class design was pretty good in comparison.
I'm not sure personally, WoD problem was lack of content. The content there was, was fun... there was just not a lot D:
10/26/2018 04:29 AMPosted by Bandito
Or does that title still belong to WoD? Which expansion do you consider to be the worst?

WoD. WoD is as good as it will ever be, and that's completely terrible. There is still room for BfA to improve.
10/26/2018 04:29 AMPosted by Bandito
Or does that title still belong to WoD? Which expansion do you consider to be the worst?

Niether, Cataclysm still takes the cake for Cratering the game faster than anything else.

You think you see a lot of complaints these days?
I think it's too soon, but BfA seems very unfinished. For me the worst is Cataclism, they removed classic stuffs for inferior quality content. I didn't like WoD at first, but i made a lot of gold and I bought a lot of tcg pets and mounts back then. I still hearth to my garrison when I need AH. Im going to give BfA the benefit of the doubt for now.
This is the worst one I have played. I didn’t play WoD due to flying issues. The same dev teams from what I know.
Wod had the excuse that the devs abandoned it to work on legion. What’s the excuse for the mess of bfa? They abandon it for the next expansion already?
BFA... isn't WoD level bad... yet.

It has potential to go further. Current issues are so many across the whole board its hard to get to the game. Issues in class design, azerite, islands, warfronts, Oceanic Realms have been a latency disaster for THREE MONTHS! everything.

I still believe BFA can be salvaged... I WANT it to be salvaged, but the team need to pull their finger out.
Especially the writing team. Sure Bliz has never been super stellar ground breaking stories but we've gone from Arthas manipulating everything to... this...

Current age, everyone is just plain stupid. No awareness of itself anymore. And even more offensive is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Each faction isn't just getting a 'different view' but an entirely different narrative trying to be all "see, THEY are the bad guys! really!"

CONSTANTLY with the "I'll get you next time, Gadget!~" Bull...
I think bfa is definitely the worse start to an expansion. Even WoD was praised at the beginning. There is still time for bfa to turn around.
WoD is by far the worst. I quit WoD as soon as I hit level cap on
one character. Still having fun in BFA.
WoD. Their idea of content at the time was garrisons and they doubled down.

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