What do you think of my Windrunner reunion?

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How I would've fixed the Windrunner Reunion.

"Alleria begins to walk towards Sylvanas.

Sylvanas grows more suspicious the closer she gets. Being Banshee Queen, she suspects anyone who walks up to her that she hasn't personally vetted. Quietly she plots a way to get out of a would-be surprised attack from her "sister". Her senses tensed, she's prepared to unleash her weapon as soon as things went south. But an attack from Alleria never came. Only a simple, love-filled hug from someone who hasn't seen her favorite sister in countless ages.

'It's good to see you, Sylvanas' - Alleria."

No spite, no pain or anger, no judgement. Because Alleria has darkness in her as well. The purest gesture of love Sylvanas has experienced in a very long time. This act catches her completely off guard. It also gives Alleria a sense of strength, wisdom, and establishes her as the oldest of them all. Additionally this speaks volumes on both of their characters. Sylvanas, ever the thinker, the plotter, the schemer, paranoid, and the chessmaster. Alleria, the simple, bold one, who means what she says, and shows no deception in her actions.

Wanted to make this its own topic.
how about we just kill all windrunners and be done with their influence on the story
Wouldn't work, because it doesn't set up Sylvanas as a raid boss.

The point of that comic is not to be good for her character, it's to be bad for her character.

The constant character assassination that Sylvanas has endured over the course of BFA is not some accidental thing that Blizzard has incompetently bumbled into. It's a deliberate effort to turn everyone against her so she can be killed off with minimal outrage.

The main reason it isn't working is:

1. We've already endured this once before and are not interesting in a repeat.

2. The Sylv vs Saurfang dynamic is explicitly racialized in a way that sorts people into racial teams rather than ideological ones. (unlike Garrosh vs Thrall/Vol'jin)

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