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Class design feels bland and clunky right now. What are your plans to bring back some of the uniqueness to classes? For example rend being a baseline ability again instead of first being removed then put back on the talent tree as a “new” ability. And vendors with pvp gear to replace the current scaling system? And using a pvp gearing system similar to WoD?
While balance and game mechanics are undoubtedly more important, are there any plans for more asthetic improvments such as glyphs?

Sure wouldn't mind a spikey ghoul, or alternate skin for 'All Will Serve'! (Ghoulish Monstrosity model was fantastic RIP)
Have any chance of add a item to change azerite talents anywhere just like Tome from inscription do for class-spec talents?
Short version:

If group finder addons were a problem because of the automation, why was “right click > find group” (manual) also disabled?

Long version:

You explained why you disabled auto group finder addons and the problems they created (automated aspect creating server strain), but you never explained why you disabled using group finder manually (short of typing in every quest’s name - which nobody is going to do, so it realistically may as well not exist in regards to WQs).

In Legion, I did not use group finder addons, I simply right clicked “find group” then joined one manually. According to your explanation, this was the intended behavior. But doing this has been disabled as well, which, honestly, implies you weren’t telling the full truth. It comes across as you wanted to disable people from using group finder in general, but needing an excuse for it, because you’ve punished everyone - including the people who were not a part of the problem (according to your explanation).

If auto was the problem, why was manual disabled?
When will we get less restrictive transmog options, including being able to mog what ever weapon we want (within our class) and less restrictive holiday items (why are the witch hats from Halloween restricted?)?
Are there any plan to make MM great again on M+ content?
Why is there some classes with Croud-control, mass aoe stun, and other classes have nothing at all ? There is a lot of class who aren't welcomed in Mythic +, 10 +...
I know we don't want all classes to be the same... But Dh-Mage-Monk-Rogue are way to much appreciated, vs others....
TLDR: Better talent balancing, so end tier of frost isn't dominated by breath, better talent design in general for frost and unholy, and removal of Army because an 8min CD, we have apocolypse nowadays which is much better fantasy, and more interesting to hit and use. Also less damage tied to our pets and more to our diseases, wounds and shadow magic.

And I guess the question would be, what are you gonna do to fix CD reliance and overall balancing for Frost/Unholy? (Yes, I have a ton to say on this topic, sorry.)

Long version:
Unholy has been severely lagging behind in single target from Frost and to make matters worse both talent trees have very passive talents in general.

For frost the only go to answer for raiding and dungeons is Breath of Sindragosa while Icecap and Obliteration are laughably behind it (as long as being poorly designed lvl 100 talents, just boring and unimaginative) on top of that too much of our overall damage is centered around a major CD that makes anything else we do feel like not much.

Icecap and Obliteration are both suffering from poor design by virtue of it both being tied to Pillar of Frost (which is a great CD btw) it does not change our playstyle, give us anything fun to really hit, nor add anything. Maybe instead add something that makes remorseless winter hit like a truck and last so much longer, like gathering storm on steroids, or add something to make Rime procs interesting instead?

Unholy is suffering from the same issue, with Army of the Dead, an 8min CD that should of been removed long ago that makes up too much of our damage making everything else hit like a noodle.

We should see a removal of Army of the Dead, its an 8min CD, too much of our dps is tied to it, and we already have Apocalypse which fits that fantasy very well. Too much of unholy's damage is tied up in the pets when more of its focus should be on diseases and wounds and death magic. Also personally, I would like to see a talent like hunter's lone wolf that gets rid of Timmy and buffs us instead, and would make dark transformation empower us.

Army was neat back in the day, but it shouldn't be for this world anymore a dozen ghouls on too long of a CD that eats up three runes is just not great.
Will worgen/goblin models ever be updated or will you just make their updated models an allied race? Like cursed night elves and Gilgoblin for example.
How close are the worgen and goblin model remakes?
Are there plans to give core races a racial rework? Allied races seem to have better and more interesting racials.
What happens if we recruit every follower in our Garrison Inn? Currently at 254/299 followers, and wondering if in a year the game will crash when I hit cap.
What is the state of the Worgen/Goblin model updates?

Will Worgen (please) finally be allowed to be monks with their update?
10/29/2018 11:36 AMPosted by Raogrimm
What happens if we recruit every follower in our Garrison Inn? Currently at 254/299 followers, and wondering if in a year the game will crash when I hit cap.

Let me know what happens
Can you please change the way professions were leveled back to how they were, I hate how also Darkmoon fairy no longer levels up the most recent professions and only levels vanilla levels
When will community feedback on alpha and beta forums be taken seriously instead of ignored?
Can we have more control over gem sockets instead of them being entirely random?
Are there any plans to do something like the Mage Tower or Withered Army scenarios? BfA seems to lack this kind of nonconsequential, solo gameplay, and that’s unfortunate.
Hi there! I was wondering if there were any plans to bring back timewalking raids. If so, the timeline for such a schedule isn't necessarily important to me, but if we were to see some of the raids you've done this in the past with, will things like [I'll hold these for you until you get out] be making a return? Additionally, something I've wanted since the announcement of timewalking raids was a timewalking Firelands. Is this in the works, or are you looking at other raids first? Thanks!
Lore Question: Can we get some clarification on how Void Elves Priest using "Light" spells and Lightforged using Shadow Spells?

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