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Will the alliance allied race be snake people, light bound undead, and/or junker gnomes?
Will you please drop the cringy ‘we are forsaken’ line Sira and Delaryn say as they run off?
Can we bring back the group loot option for Dungeons/Raids?
Or at least improve the odds on reroll tokens?
With the introduction of the dueler's guild, we finally got some form of "competitive" 1v1 PVP. Now that we've crossed that bridge, do you have any future plans to introduce 1v1 arena or some other form of rated 1v1 PVP? The dueler's guild is great, but there's not a lot of reward or incentive to keep doing it. We all know that human beings are motivated by two things; the promise of gain and the fear of loss. If there's nothing real to gain from something, it's very doubtful that the masses will participate.
Will we see a resolution to the events of the burning of Teldrassil and the destruction of the Undercity in this expansion. Specifically will these groups find permanent homes?
Will there ever be a mass server transfer service? I have alot of characters that rely on each other for gold/professions. So if i move one I would want to move them all.
Why did the Alliance get Void Elves (slap dash at best, pulled right out the nether at worst) when we wanted High Elves (and their long importance and dedication to the Alliance), and why is the Horde seemingly getting Vulpera instead of the long wanted Ogres (who have lore behind them, an actual military and resources, and long standing relationships, and a massive fan base) ?
Why didn't you predict Warmode would end up so unbalanced; and what are the plans for balancing it so Alliance can enable it again?
I have leveled every class from their base levels to at least 110 with two at 120. While I really like the idea of allied races, the lack of new leveling content, a fun leveling experience, and an expedient leveling experience makes them [allied races] a feature I'm not utilizing. Are there plans to change the speed of leveling or, more importantly, modernize/update the current leveling content to make this a more worthwhile feature that is an enjoyable experience?
Why is class design always the lowest priority? And why are temporary expansion features that go away in two years the highest priority? Classes are the backbone of the game and they need to be in good shape *at all times*, not just during the last six months of an expansion.
Any plans to make it so you can not realm hop while in PVP combat. So many time people start a fight and then runaway by server hopping?
Class pruning has been apocalyptic in BFA. Can we expect classes to ever have genuine complexity again, or are the developers satisfied with the current level of (little to no) complexity?
Why does Ion not transmog the armor on his character?
This has been asked many times but I'll ask again, are there any plans to look at or revert the global cooldown changes?
Will we (the Alliance) get high elves as a playable race?
Would the Alliance Quel'dorei High Elves ever be considered for an allied race?
When will we be able to transmog outside of our armor type?

‘Class fantasy’ was a horrible excuse of a buzzword and looks have no bearing on stats.
With group finder, LFR, and now the community features, being in a guild is becoming less and less important. Are there any plans to make being in a guild more attractive? The guild system in general needs some love, for example UI update, perks, and <cough> garrison like guild housing <cough>.
Are you happy with the state of restoration druids? We don't appear much on the log websites out there, and we're feeling a little weak compared to previous expansions.
Why has it taken so long to even show a worgen or goblin work in progress model? any ETA for the model updates to go live? 8.2? Thanks

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